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Godin’s Goods

Hello Humans!

So recently I listened to a podcast from where the host interviewed Seth Godin, a very wise internet entrepreneur, about today’s society and the social changes occurring with the popularity and commonplace many internet and technological advances have found into peoples’ lives and in marketing and business. It’s an amazing podcast, they really go in depth with all these topics, and there’s still a great flow from topic to topic, you can click here to listen, and its truly worth the time.

Throughout the episode, a main focus of the podcast is that we are all artists, we can all create, write, inspire, hope, and share our ideas to the world. I love the idea of everyone has the ability to create what they want, and by sharing out these ideas, communities can come together and feel great about each other. I made a video about the Scarlet Letter comparing the community shown in the book to the one we live in today. It really made me feel like an artist, i felt inspired and it just felt good. When Godin spoke about everyone being an artist, it really hit me that although everyone can be an artist, not everyone seems to try. When I made my video i wanted to show everyone and make more videos and ask people to join in! It felt good knowing I had done something people enjoyed. I wanted to share this experience with them and hope they would feel the same way about this creative spark that was starting an electric fire in my brain. Unfortunately not everyone’s forte is being creative, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t artists. People may express themselves in other ways such as writing or drawing or even playing a sport. As long as you are expressing yourself and show how you feel about something, in my mind that’s being an artist. Here’s the video if you’d like to check it out!

This also connects to another point Godin made about how we have a very tribal feel to our society. We tend to gravitate towards what we know and who are comfortable with. In my English class we have groups called publishing houses where we share ideas and write about them in blogs, thus sharing them with even more people. The idea that these tribes should focus on interacting with each other and spreading good instead of trying to compete is wonderful to me. I believe that as humans we should help each other grow and learn more about ourselves and each other. Occasionally my group will have too many people, so one of us must move groups when sharing our essays and asking others how we may revise these essays. It’s very insightful they way different people and different groups help me with my essay, as sometimes i get so used to the same type of feedback from my group that it’s nice to hear different opinions from a different viewpoint. You can click here to check out the second blog I talked about run by my group and I, called Underground OC.

Godin talked about how schools teach children that if they’re not getting the right answer, they’re doing it all wrong. He spoke about how we need to focus on how to get to the final product, through collaboration, and not worry so much about creating something that many not be “correct.” Learning from our mistakes is something I really think people need to understand in their live’s, I especially think I need to improve on actually taking something away from a mistake, rather than just saying I messed up and not doing something with that information. Godin spoke about how if he were to ask a bunch of middle school students or even elementary students to brainstorm ideas or raise their hand for an innovative idea, they would be much more likely to do so than college students. It fascinates me that school teaches you to be “cog-like” that we all have a place in a giant machine and we need to only know perfection. I recently watched a movie called Snowpiercer, staring Christ Evans, and the main plot of the story is that after mankind has almost gone extinct, everyone now lives on this train. The only way to keep this train running is if everyone stays in the same place and does the same job. Of course this isn’t actually living, and many people have much harder back breaking work that others. It’s a really great example of how society can tell you all it wants where you belong, but if you really want something, you can take it for your own. Now back to schools teaching perfection, knowing how not to do something has its perks too! Through trals and tribulations we become who we are today, so why not teach that in school? Though I do believe schools are becoming more aware that teaching children through collaboration is a better way to do things, sometimes it can be a bit hard seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well hopefully you guys learned something today and do check out the podcast, or maybe even the other links in this post! Godin really did remind me of some views that i should have, and opened my eyes to society today. Until next time lovely humans!


Maybe it’s just the hormonal talk but some days it’s easier to feel sad or mad then other days. (Can I get an Amen?) Yes, you are in control of your own emotions. But to what extent? You’re watching a movie and for some unknown reason, tears come streaming in rivulets. You didn’t ask to cry (to each their own), but the tears come nonetheless. It’s in those moments, your feelings get the best of you. It’s in those very times, you just can’t help but to feel the way you’re feeling. In short, life gets to us. So really, don’t be quick to judge how someone controls their own feeling. Through time and self-improvement, those feelings are no longer a struggle but within our control.
“People are resilient-they can handle a lot of things you’d think they wouldn’t be able to handle.”

Sadness Overcomes


An accurate depiction of my current state.

Sitting.Waiting.Wishing. Wanting. Whenever things go wrong, I’m left doing just that. Rather than a quota, I consider it a routine. I don’t know how people mask the pain, or better yet act like the thing that hurt them the most never happened. Is that humanly possible??? Tell me your secret, because I’m in great need of it. It’s strange how it all comes into effect. You don’t realize how badly you’re hurt, until you start thinking about. It’s not until you dwell upon it that it finally comes up to you and hit you with a jarring effect that leaves reality feeling surreal. It’s in these times I oh so badly wished feelings didn’t exist. I envy the tin man for being emotionless, you don’t know what you’re wishing for my friend. When you’re hurt this bad, it’s hard to imagine a better outcome, a greater time. It all seems to be so far into the future that I feel like it’s never going to come. Those uplifting quotes I hear so much are mocking me rather than “uplifting”. It seems like they’re told by those who have never come across a bad day in their life; they seem to be to good to be true. Whenever people come across writing like these, they automatically assume that it’s depression. But it’s so much more than a misused label. Not only is it the story, but the perspective through a person’s eyes. Although it may seem that life is rooted in darkness, there’s one thing for sure: the littlest things are more appreciated. Despite whether you want to be happy or not, you find yourself smiling at something you would normally be annoyed of. That nuisance? It’s actually relieving. It’s in this inverse relationship, that the journey back to happiness can be sought. With that being said, instead of going against the current go with the flow and life with take care of the rest.

I know man, I know.


In a fast-paced generation, patience is easily lost throughout the winding moments of the day. Whether it may be waiting in line or how slow your cellular data is (even with 4G), it’s moments like these where we need patience the most. This is why it is crucial to build up our stamina. As we adjust ourselves to the fast-motion picture that happens to be our lives, we shouldn’t be piling more stress into lives. Instead, we should be able to control our stress and channel it into inner peace. Here are some tips to build your stamina:

The fast-pace world as we know it.

1.  Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is considered one of the most important mental characteristic to have. It’s through positive thoughts one can build their self-confidence. By repeatedly telling yourself positive things before a triathlon, you’ll be to finish the race you trained so hard for. Instead of saying “I’ll never be able to…” say to yourself “I will be able to…” By invading your negative thoughts with positive ones, your mentality will eventually adjust itself to the positive thoughts. This will provide a greater output on how you carry yourself.

She's so confident that she wore that to work.

She’s so confident that she wore that to work.

2. Picture Perfect

Before a big event, picture a past accomplishment or picture how you would want the event to go. This process gives yourself a mental rehearsal, which induces a sense of readiness. No one likes to start off feeling unprepared, especially when you worked so hard for it! Also, picturing past accomplishments is said to make you feel happy which can be traced back to the release of endorphins. This is similar to the first tip but uses a visualization technique.

Just picture it...

Just picture it…

3. Run a Marathon

Or any race! Put yourself in a race that demands highly of your body. The training is one thing: a process that includes intense work outs that test your determination and strength. It’s also another thing when you are actually in the race. Despite all the training, you’re bound to get tired to the point of giving up. This is ultimate test determining whether you want to finish the race or quit the race. All in all, it’s a win-win situation. You may not have won the race, but you won through the accomplishment of your feat.

By following these three quotas, you will have a different outlook on your life and greater control on your mind and body. Maybe not do all three at once, but give at least one of them a try. You’ll be surprised at what  you, yourself is capable of doing.

Follow these tips to feel like Rocky

Yours Truly,




Whenever i try to do something or get something done, i often find myself having no desire to complete the task at hand. It’s usually either because i’m too lazy to do it or because I’ve lost sight on the bigger picture, or even worse i don’t think i can achieve that big picture. Recently i saw Rocky for the first time and it really teaches people something about the human’s way of never giving up. I for one am not a huge fan of violence in any way, but i usually let it slide when its a movie that’s just really, really good.

First off, this movie really touches on the whole push yourself until you can’t push yourself anymore, and then keep going. I absolutely love an underdog story and it always reminds me of how i need to get up and get into gear because no matter what it is i’m trying to do, i need to give it 110% or it won’t be worth it. Yet, with all this, i can’t do anything without confidence. Confidence is the number one thing someone needs to do anything, ANYTHING. Without confidence you’re just doing the motions and hoping it will be enough. NO! You have to look at yourself in the mirror or your front camera and say,”Hey, it sucks sometimes how people think of you, or how you think of you, but get this ish done because that’s what needs to happen and you deserve to have this be amazing.” Maybe not that detailed but for the love of God tell yourself you can do it! And if you can’t tell yourself or believe yourself, then find someone who will! Surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally and won’t forget to tell you, just be sure you’re listening. “People who mind don’t matter and people who matter don’t mind” I tell myself that it has helped me make so many decisions in life that would have ultimately made me a much sadder person had i not reminded myself.


What’s that? You have confidence but you don’t see a point? Is it laziness? Maybe, but if that’s the case go outside and take a run or hurry up and finish binge watching that T.V series. All in all you need some good old fashion motivation. Trust me i get it, if there’s no point then, well what’s the point. There always is a point though, always, some are just harder to find that others. Get up and find something that really moves you, something that bothers you so much you feel the need to do something about it. And for please let it be your reasons, not someone else’s’ because that’s just borrowing someone’s confidence and you gotta build up yourself to say i’m doing this for me and for whatever reasons i have because that’s that, so stand out of my way or help. Rocky heard everyone saying how stupid it is for him to be doing this, and how its just a joke, but he said i’m training and competing for me because i have something to prove, and not only to everyone else but to myself. That’s amazing to me, and an obvious reason as to why this movie is so memorable.

Whatever it is you’re trying to do i wish you luck, because it will be difficult and you might not get the results you wanted, but no matter what you did it the way you wanted to and hey, you did something!

To Innovate or Renovate

As you may have seen throughout this blog, I posted a few videos staring me, because i’m perfect. Just kidding.

Throughout this last year i have been recording and uploading videos onto Youtube as i saw the Youtube community as an amazing, fun place to be in and as a way to test my creative skills and how to use a computer. As it turned out, after making the first video, my ideal world where i could just sail by wasn’t going to happen. When i first started recording video, i had a hard time figuring out all the components that you don’t see on camera. For example, i had to use 3 lamps and point them directly at me and my friend because there wasn’t a spot in my house that had enough lighting without washing us out at the same time. It was kind of fun though, doing trial and error with such a silly thing like lamps.

After Christmas, i got my own digital camera, and the quality was so much better than on my phone, and people could even watch in HD on Youtube! Once, my first few videos came out, i started getting more and more comfortable being on camera, the hard part came before i went on camera when i had to come up with an idea that people could sit and enjoy watching for 5 minutes. Of course once i learned all the tricks to editing it became easier, but it really opened my eyes to how people who make a living off of this, don’t have it so easy. I’m going to Vidcon this year, which is basically the convention for Youtube, and i can honestly say it will be a totally different experience than if i hadn’t started making videos.

After this year is over, i hope to continue making videos, maybe even become a little famous! Always been a dream of mine to be stopped on the street and have someone ask me if I’m Sebastian Luna. Hopefully this can be a hobby i continue in the future, and i can help bring a smile to anyone who watches me.

And of course, the latest installment of me and my friends


Talk about it

Has there every been a moment where you have felt so accomplished for what you have done that you had the urge to share it ? It doesn’t matter how, all you ask for is the people’s attention. The many months of preparation, the myriad of flaws, the excessive planning, it never felt better getting past the hardest past and to get to where you aimed for: the end result.


I’m proud to say that my accomplishment epitomizes it all. Before the project was launched, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything like this, nonetheless even conjuring up such an idea. It all seemed surreal to me, and just not like me. Looking back at my life and zeroing in on any accomplishments that I’m proud of, my mind would be at blank. Nothing. Zippo. Not until I was presented with this particular project, that all changed.

As a high schooler, you get presented with a certain type of criteria that your projects must follow- from the preparation to the end result. The project itself is pretty much done for you, except your teachers are the master minds behind it and you’re doing all of the dirty work (yuck). But I’ve never gotten a project like this one- a project of free expression. You are pretty much able to do anything you want (school appropriate of course), but to come up with an idea and make that specific idea happen. It’s an outlet of the future and it pretty much tells a lot about you and how well you come up with ideas, along with communicating to others. It’s the first project that I’ve done in school that actually applies to the real world. (Isn’t school supposed to prepare you for the real world??)


My project was inspired by The Camp at Costa Mesa. For all of you Californian’s, it’s an unforgettable stop-by. You won’t regret it! As for those outside of California, when you do get the chance to go down to California make it a pit stop.  The Camp is not your typical plaza with a wooden picket signs, organic food stores, displays that capture the campfire feel, its atmosphere pretty much describes the name of the place itself. I’ve never been to a plaza like this one.  <= Click on the link for visuals! Right when you get to The Camp there are these short, inspirational quotes that greet you before you even step foot on the place. Even better, every parking lot is filled with these quotes. For once, I wanted to park as far as possible other than the reason for  getting exercise. This gave me an idea: what better way to implant these quotes onto my school? Considering how chaotic the mornings and after-school can be, it wouldn’t hurt to give the parents, students, or even staff members something to smile about. It was a tedious process through getting the school district’s approval, planning, gathering materials. As simple as it sounds, it took a lot more work than realized. But, we finally got it done! 🙂l-1

We decided to do every other parking space, and aimed for a goal of three rows instead of the whole lot of ten. With the empty lots, we’re planning on implementing a design in between. It’s a little twist to the one at the Camp 🙂 By the end of this year, we plan on finishing the ten rows with quotes and then next year, finalize the project with the designs in between.


Yours truly,

Angie 🙂

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Trust Tuesday

Everyone, at some point in their lives, have been hurt by someone they trust.

Now when this happens the usually response is either, “why would you do that?” Or “naw its cool man.” Polar opposites i know. I’m more of the first one, but i do seem to put myself out there more so i should be ready for more hurt than not. When someone breaks your trust it can be a really hard thing to deal with, and even harder thing to trust again. On the other hand when you break someone’s trust you usually just say “I’m sorry it won’t happen again.” but they always have a way of bringing it up when you want something. When making fiends, one of the key moments in the friendship is when you realize you can trust them, and you get that weird smile on your face because now you can say that one secret you’ve been dying to tell since you heard it.

Anyways, when trust is broken that’s a horrible thing, whether its you saying you’re going somewhere to your parents and you end up going to a different place, or its cheating on a test, you can’t just expect people to go from 0 to 100 the next time you do the same thing. So when you say you’re going to Jimmy’s house for real real this time, your parents might not let you go, and you have to accept that. Same goes for when your trust is broken. That person is no longer on the top of your list, and you’re not running to tell them all your secrets, but after time you learn to trust again and realize everyone makes mistakes. Image


Scream, shout, and let it all out. It’s tough to keep in feelings that only seem to eat your insides away. It’s a terrible feeling, and you’d do anything to get rid of it. Throw those nasty feelings into the flames and watch it wither away into ashes. What’s stopping you? Oh wait, you were told to “control yourself”, “take a deep breath”, “take a step back”. Still, you do exactly what they tell you to do but your clenched fists maintain its position and heat in great measures is taken in and out of your nostrils. The last thing you want to do is to keep yourself composed. Everything around you takes on the disguise of punching bags and your initial reaction is to give blows here and there. They just don’t understand what I’m going through. It’s easier said than done. They don’t realize how much easier it is. If it’s unbearable, don’t bottle it up inside. Do what you can to bring yourself to normal (what’s normal?) state. Let it all out at the most you can afford given where you’re at.

If you’re at school- let your thoughts take on the form of words. Go to the restroom and splash water on your face and let the water drip down your face for a couple or so seconds before wiping your face down. Hold your breath; it’ll force you to take deep breathes in and out.



Good kid

If you’re at home- let your imagination run wild. However, do so with the safety of you, your house, and others. Take your pillow and start hitting your bed with it as hard as you can repeatedly. Go to your garage and scream til your lungs run out of air. Take a walk. You’ll thank mother nature later for its calming effects.


Mad city

Wherever you are, it’s possible to let your anger run wild and free. Take advantage of what’s around you. You’ll be surprised what you can do with the resources around you. Next time those horrible feelings come out, give them a piece of your mind. Whatever battle you may be battling, just know that you’re not alone 🙂

Good kid, mad city


Sweet Nothing

Between being nice and being a people pleaser, there’s a difference. You can have an opinion of your own and still be considered as nice person. Whereas a people pleaser, there’s only a one way street- believing in other people’s beliefs. Of course, your own personality plays a big factor in where you lie. Those who aren’t as sensitive and independent find it easier to be themselves without the reliance of others, while those who are sensitive and care about other people’s opinions can easily become a follower.


Truth be told, I’m a people pleaser. I care about what others think about me and I let their opinions define me. Along the way, people would easily take advantage of me and saying no only became harder and harder to say. I found it harder to be myself and it got to the point where I no longer knew who I was. You find yourself looking for acceptance but instead, you receive a stab in the back.

Oh you're a people pleaser? I don't think so.

Oh you’re a people pleaser? I don’t think so.

I know people are who are nice but they still have an opinion of their own. My friend, Chris, is an incredibly sweet guy and can get along with anyone. He can spark up a conversation with you with no gaps in between. Not only that, but he’s not afraid to go against other people’s opinions for the sake of his own opinion. For instance, when it comes to people with authority, how many of us would dare go against their word? That leaves us with only the delinquents and Chris. I remember how Chris told me a story of how during his basketball game, his coach took him out to address what he was doing wrong and told him an alternative way to run the play.  Instead of leaving it at just that, Chris argued against his coach and reasoned that his coach’s statement was contradictory.That’s only one of the many occurrences where he got head to head with his coach. In the end of the season when the awards banquet came, Chris won the coach’s award.



If you were to choose between the two, which one would you want to be?


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