Survival of the fittest throughout the days of the week

Make it Through Monday

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” -Napoleon Hill


There has been one too many times where I have felt that my efforts take steps backwards instead of forward. You feel as if trying only leads you back to where you have just started, square one. Needless to say, you’re not alone. I joined cross country two days before school started thinking I would able to survive all the crazy mileage without the help of summer camp. On my first day, I was able to run the given mileage with ease. In fact, I wanted to run MORE. As cross country season rolled in, my breathing was heavier, my legs would wobble, and my mindset was slowly losing itself; but through it all, I still kept up with the other girls who trained through summer camp. The first race was coming up, and my coaches were convinced that I was ready despite the fact that I had just joined merely a month ago. I was ready; along with the team, I was running a minimum of six miles a day and the race would only be three miles. As soon as I ran past the finish line, I had learned the significance of summer camp. I did not have what summer camp offered: tolerance. Near the end of a race, I would slow down and I would not be able to sprint the last 400 meters, convinced that my body could not handle the extra boost. My body was in control of my mind, and I let the pain take over. Over time, my body would be exposed to injuries that I began to have trouble enduring and my injuries took a huge toll on how I ran from then on. Now, I have trouble keeping up with the other girls and I can barely run through the given mileage. Tears are trailing down my cheeks as I limp through the mileage, biting onto my tongue for hope while battling the ongoing negative thoughts that run through my mind. Although the other girls have injuries far worse than what I have, they’re able to endure the pain and run through their own battles. As troublesome as these least couple of days have been, I’ve learned how powerful your mind is and how easily you can lose your inner strength through distractions that act as mind barriers. But remember, mind barriers are as easy to breakthrough as they are made. Conquer your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths.



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