Survival of the fittest throughout the days of the week

Why Wednesday

Sometimes i find myself asking the same question; Why?

Why bother doing this?

Why should i do this?

Why not do this?

Usually i find myself asking these questions about friends. Why am i trying so hard to please this person? Why are they trying so hard? I realized that if you have to work so hard for someone, and they seem to be floating around doing nothing, IT IS NOT WORTH IT. It really isn’t. I know for some reason you’re making up in your head that tomorrow they will change and if i stop trying they’ll make some gang to beat me up. That won’t happen, if they take that much effort to hate you, why didn’t they use that effort to like you?


If you really are hooked on someone to be your friend and you are always the one making plans or trying to get them to do something with you, don’t do that for a week or so and see how they react. Maybe they’ll think they did something and need to ask you about it. Some might not say anything at all. This really shows people’s true colors and feelings towards you. Good luck finding your true friends, but honestly those ones shouldn’t be hard to find.



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