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Your mind is a garden,
Your thoughts are the seeds;
You can grow flowers,
Or you can grow weeds.” -Unknown

In my english class I have done things I have never done before and never thought of doing (create a blog) but this one tops it all. Rewind a couple of ideas back; my teacher introduced us to what would be the start of a project. Let me tell you, this wasn’t your typical, reasearch about it, make a poster, and present your work in front of the class project; this project is the future of tomorrow: idea farming. What’s idea farming you may ask?


Idea farming is when you think of a myriad of ideas or one, and you choose one idea and make that one idea happen. How awesome is that?! Tell me you haven’t thought once in your life of creating an invention that would change the world…and this very project lets you do just that. *mind blown* You would assume this would be done in your business, art, or even physics class, but it was started right here in my  english class. Oh how the tables have turned. I’m trembling with excitement as I am writing this blog; this is all too much to handle. I’m really excited for this project and how it will turn out. Hooray for English!

-Angie 🙂

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