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Spirited Sunday

Compared to last year, there has been a downfall in Christmas spirit. It shouldn’t be like this; christmas spirit should only grow and grow each and every year. The holidays are not holidays without the festivities, spirit, good vibes…there’s a reason why people look forward to the holidays the most. Well, I know how competitive people can get so take a look at people who have MORE spirit than you: 







It’s never too late to have Christmas spirit. Go out there and prove to others that you have more Christmas spirit than they do. 🙂 


Tip of the day Tuesday


What better way to spend the holidays than to travel and explore what the rest of the world has to offer? You can travel to where the French Revolution took place ( France), dig in further into our country’s government and how it came to be (Washington D.C.), pick up a British accent ( Great Britain), the possibilities are endless! Here’s a tip to all of the potential travelers this holiday: 

When you need to take a cab in a foreign country ask a local (e.g., the hotel desk clerk or concierge) to write down the destination address in the local language.


Save yourself and the cab driver the trouble. You will get a lot more done throughout your trip without the unnecessary confusion. It’s one less thing to worry about it. Go out there and treat yourself to an experience that only comes up every so often. Take advantage of the holidays and travel! 🙂 


A New Youtube Is Born

My Youtube Channel!!

You read that right!! I have my own Youtube Channel and although totally new to it, i see myself doing great! And i hope each person can come and support me!
I’ve started this channel because I have taken part in this project called Idea Farming. Idea Farming is basically this whole community of people where we give people different ways of how to start a new idea and give them examples of ideas, both ones that work out amazingly and also not so well.

Idea farming

So hop on the bandwagon that is my channel and enjoy the ride!!

Stuck in a Nutshell Sunday


Even though Sunday is part of the weekend, I consider it a weekday. Sunday is just a reminder that the weekend is coming to an end and that you’ll be back to working the following day(s). You’re left confined at home preparing for the week and doing what you would normally do during the week.  (more…)

Friday Favorites

December is already here and I can already feel the festivities of the month. As the days pass by I grow with anticipation! The christmas lights, chilly days, decorations, all leads up to my favorite holiday, Christmas.

Favorite Christmas movie of all-time:


The movie never gets old!

2. Favorite room decor: tumblr_mxf6xrNwJB1sjlv75o1_500

Favorite improvised christmas tree: 


Favorite Feels: 


Favorite look-alike: 


Favorite meme: 


Favorite pancake: 


Bring out your inner Elf and celebrate this month with Christmas joy and spirit. It’s the last month of the year so make it the best one! 🙂


Frozen Friday

FIRST OFF, go see this movie, it is by far in my top 5 favorite Disney Movies. I mean TWO NEW Disney Princesses? Yes Please! Now for those who don’t know, this movie is about the newly crowned Ice Queen and her little sister, who are basically twins. When the Ice Queen, Elsa(Idina Menzel), discovers her powers as a little girl, she accidentally hurts her little sister, Anna (Kristen Bell), making her parents think she should suppress and hide her powers, removing the memory from Anna’s mind that her sister even had the powers. As the two grow older, Elsa must open the castle gates, closed for about fifteen years, for her coronation. Anna, who is extremely excited to see the world and all the people, is the polar opposite of the nervous wreck that is Elsa. Long story short (and with no spoilers), Elsa reveals her powers a bit too much and flees from the kingdom to hide in the mountains, accidentally starting an eternal winter in the middle of summer. The movie is then about Anna’s adventure getting and convincing Elsa to return with her to the kingdom.

The song shown above, Let it go, is sung by Idina Menzel when her character, Elsa, is finally free to show and test these powers that all her life have been seen as bad. As the songs progresses she talks about showing her all and now caring what other people think, which is such a beautiful thing. For someone to be truly and finally comfortable and happy in their own and with being them self is such a hard thing to achieve, and this song is when that turning point for Elsa happens. The song itself is amazing but with that meaning it truly is something spectacular and award worthy for Disney.

I’ve read in Tale of Two Cities, this one character, Carter, is so obsessed with being better than the “drunken idiot” he is that he goes for the most perfect girl, thinking that will somehow change him. Unfortunately he doesn’t see that he needs to accept himself before anybody can accept him. Throughout the book Carter goes from ups and downs, while his counterpart tells him he will always be less than him. If there is someone like that in your life, I’m telling you not to listen. What’s the point in filling your head with those pointless thoughts. You are who you are, accept and live it. If you want to make a better version of yourself, then do it! But love yourself every step of the way.

Thanks for reading


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