Survival of the fittest throughout the days of the week

Stuck in a Nutshell Sunday


Even though Sunday is part of the weekend, I consider it a weekday. Sunday is just a reminder that the weekend is coming to an end and that you’ll be back to working the following day(s). You’re left confined at home preparing for the week and doing what you would normally do during the week. 


Believe it or not, you should give Sunday a lot more credit than it deserves. Repetition, boredom, and practice are the keys to achieving your goals. With repetition, when you learn how to do one thing for a certain amount of time you begin to get the hang of it and eventually with time and constant repetition, you’ll eventually master it. There’s something called the 10,000 hours rule where if you continually do something, let’s say draw for most of the following days for 10,000 hours, you have become a master at drawing.


Secondly, those who are able to handle the boredom of the doing the same routine over and over become mentally stronger. It’s one thing to have the talent, genetics, and luck, but if you don’t have the ability to be able to handle the boredom of doing a repeat of one thing over and over then you find yourself moving away from your goal further and further each time you break the streak. This goes for business, sports, or arts, it all comes down to those who have enough willpower and passion.


Lastly, practice practice practice! You might have heard it before from your coach, instructor, boss, and from there you shut down their words and let out a few eye rolls. Before you do just that, hear me out. They’re right; practice is essential if you want to be the top at what you do. You might think, “I can do whatever they ask me to do without practice.” Too often, we focus on the results instead of the process itself. But the process is what makes your goals, results come to life. You have to fall in love with the daily practice, in order to see the results you yearned for from the start.

Eat, breathe, and sleep those three ingredients: repetition, boredom, and practice. Repeat it with me: Repetition, boredom and practice. Feel free to say it as much as needed to engrave it into your head. You’ll thank me later. 🙂 Happy Sunday!


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