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Social Networking


You have over 10k followers? You’re hired! If your name is out there and you have an audience, money and fame is coming your way. I mean, isn’t that how Kim Kardashian became who she is today? Remind me what she does for a living…Sure, you may have the talents, the charismatic personality, the brains, but what jobs are really looking for is the number of followers you have. That’s where advertisement comes in handy, and that’s how companies gain their recognition. I guess popularity contests do hold some truth to them after all. If you look at world’s youngest billionaires under 40 years old, a handful of them are founders of today’s social networking sites: Facebook (Mark Zuckerburg) , Gree (Yoshikazu Tanaka), Twitter (Jack Dorsey), Snapchat (Evan Spiegal and Robert Murphy). That just comes to show how big of a role social networking plays in our generation. These days, technology revolves around interaction, communication, and accessibility. So it’s important to know the significance of networking and how to apply that to future jobs. This is especially for all of you introverts out there. (more…)

Fairytale Friday

By this point, I think we all know the trend of fairytales- a girl happens to be doomed in a life of misfortune, miraculously meets the one, the two fall in love, and let’s not forget, they live happily ever after. As the audience, we can already predict what will happen next and can begin to unravel the plot from the start, yet we still find ourselves swooning over the movie and have an impending need to watch the movie again. Disney has done it again with its magical ways of making me feel like a child again. Even though we see right through the make believe of fairytales, we still have the tendency to apply it to our love life.

(what really happened)



Thursday Change-day

Its me just talking about Change!
Change happens to everyone but with a head held high we can get through anything.


Tetris Tuesday

Tetris Tuesday

I was inspired to use an everyday item and incorporate it into what Javier Perez a.k.a Cintascotch would do. Be sure to check out is artwork, it’s amazing!

Sci-fi Saturday

Honestly, I’m not much of an intergalactic person( Star Wars, Star Trek, anything to do with stars). I tried to get into it, but it’s not my cup of tea. I loved the costumes, alien-like features, but I just never understood the plot and what exactly the characters were trying to do. It all seemed too informative and sounded more like a history lecture than a story line. It wasn’t until I watched Galaxy Quest, did I start having a knack for sic-fi and its intergalactic universe. Image (more…)

Summer Saturday

Yes Its Frozen again.

Because there is nothing better than Frozen.

And if you thought that was a joke then its a good thing because today’s topic is comedy!
Throughout literature you see all these comical things put here and there to lighten the mood, and usually there is that one character that is put in the story just for laughs. Comedy has many different forms, and in the video above you get the so my favorite form of it, irony.

Irony and sarcasm are both great tools for comedy. Irony is when we know something that the character doesn’t or when something happens that is the opposite of what is expected, such as a snowman wanting to find out what summer is like! Sarcasm is something that i personally am amazing at (no sarcasm there) and it basically means saying something and meaning the opposite. These tools and many others are what make comedy such a great thing and using them to their full potential will make people cry in laughter. Hopefully Olaf here can help with that!

Throwback Thursday

tumblr_myqvy5Pg9E1srfz27o1_500“New year, new me!” A year has passed, and a new year has just begun. Resolutions are made to be broken, 2014 replaces 2013, and new memories are made. With a new year, you move on from the year before, leaving behind old time sakes. Instead of treating 2013 as just a year, remember the good times and save the memories worth saving. I’m sure you have a ton of photos on your phone and you just don’t have the heart to delete them. Well no need to fret, Lil blue boo has a step-to-step tutorial on how to save years worth of photos.

Now you’re free to delete photos and take new ones! Take a picture, it’ll last longer. 🙂


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