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Sci-fi Saturday

Honestly, I’m not much of an intergalactic person( Star Wars, Star Trek, anything to do with stars). I tried to get into it, but it’s not my cup of tea. I loved the costumes, alien-like features, but I just never understood the plot and what exactly the characters were trying to do. It all seemed too informative and sounded more like a history lecture than a story line. It wasn’t until I watched Galaxy Quest, did I start having a knack for sic-fi and its intergalactic universe. Image

This is the perfect beginner movie for those of you who have never watched a sic-fi movie but want to get into sci-fi movies. The movie is about a group of actors who star in a well-known sci-fi television series. A group of aliens mistaken the show to be real and recruit the members to assist in a battle against their own enemy. Don’t mistaken the date of the movie for it to be outdated, you’ll get a load of laughs out of it. It’s said to be the one of the top funniest sci-fi movies of all time and I have to say, I agree! It’s good to watch again, which you’ll find me doing by the end of this post. *BONUS* A couple of well-known actors today star in the movie, but I’ll leave that up to you to find out. After watching this movie, I’m going to give Star Wars, Star trek, etc. another chance. Give the movie a chance; you might just end up watching the whole movie. 🙂



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