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Fairytale Friday

By this point, I think we all know the trend of fairytales- a girl happens to be doomed in a life of misfortune, miraculously meets the one, the two fall in love, and let’s not forget, they live happily ever after. As the audience, we can already predict what will happen next and can begin to unravel the plot from the start, yet we still find ourselves swooning over the movie and have an impending need to watch the movie again. Disney has done it again with its magical ways of making me feel like a child again. Even though we see right through the make believe of fairytales, we still have the tendency to apply it to our love life.

(what really happened)

Whether you believe it or not, you know that at some point of your life, you did. You begin to have a mental note of all the qualities “the one” has to have. You begin to believe that “the one” is out there. Expectations are raised and you imagine your love life to go as smoothly as the movies have showed. Even though you know that fairytale endings are bunch of baloney, you still hold on to that possibility that there’s a bit of truth to it. However, instead of trying to recreate that fairytale ending, make your own fairytale ending. Don’t let the magic of Disney ( special effects) get in the way of running your love life. Maybe take them to Disneyland one day or even Disney world, but don’t take the story plot with you.

“Life isn’t a fairytale but we can make it a fairytale.” – Lucy ‘Aisy

-Angie šŸ™‚

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