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Friday Favorites

WIth all the love in the air, pigments of red and pink, chocolate on sale, appreciation here and there- February is coming to an end. It’s been a short month with two days out of the usual month. I never really understood leap year ( 28 or 29 days?). Here are some of my favorites from this month:

Favorite Olympic event:


Y.O.L.O. is everywhere. There’s even a move called the Y.O.L.O.

Favorite surprise:


Favorite outfit: 



Favorite friendship:

Favorite kiss: 


I hope you all had a fabulous February! 🙂


Tips and Tricks


There’s no purer jelly! I always have a jar of Vaseline in my house. It’s an essential item to have in your household. Not only will it last you for a long time, but it has ton of benefits that will back you up for whenever you need them the most. From dry skin, scrapped knees, to chapped lips, that’s only just the beginning.


Isn’t that the cutest? It’s s’cute!

My favorite trick of them all…*drumroll please* is the eye make up remover. I always seem to run out of make up remover wipes or eye make up remover in general. It can be a real pain, and the hassle to get more wipes? There’s only so much time in a day! It wasn’t until I opened the jar of Vaseline, my sensitive eyes along with my money were saved. Cha ching! From water proof eye liner to mascara, it can take it all off with the swipe of a Q-tip. Plus, it is said that Vaseline makes your eyelashes grow and voluminous. What can’t Vaseline do?


Sat. stands for S.A.T.

Do you ever wonder how they made up the name S.A.T.? They took one of the most beloved weekends and instead of Saturday, renamed it “S.A.T.” It’s a cruel, cruel world. My mom decided to hold it true to its name and had me taking S.A.T. classes every Saturday. As if my weekends couldn’t get any better. Maintaining a G.P.A, extracurricular activities, AP tests, isn’t that enough? No, colleges want MORE. They never settle for less and always try to add to the pile to see if their students are fit for their school.

What I should be doing: photo-1

But instead: 

photoGotta love the weekends!



Sisterly Love


She can really be a pain, drives me insane, makes me want to pull her hair out…but she’s my first priority. She’s been there for me through it all and I can always count on her to make any dull moment seem spontaneous. She’s amazing at what she does: cheerleading. Her philosophy is: “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”


Although she argues that there are better cheerleaders than her, I believe she’s the best cheerleader that I know. She has a trademark of showing off her skills at any given time or place. It never ceases to amaze me what she can do, and it’s been a goal of mine to be able to do one of the moves that she does and capture a picture of us two doing one of her trademark moves together…one day, one day.


She gets me like no one else does. I swear, she has a telepathy ability to be able to know what I’m thinking or what I am about to say by just looking at the expression on my face. Although she’s the younger one of us two, she always know what to say and gives me advice I need/want to hear. My parents were never really around, but she was always there to support me and she wouldn’t hesitate in a heartbeat to be there for me. She’s been there to see me make mistakes after mistakes. Instead of judging me, she always understood where I was coming from. I’ve realized that I haven’t really been there for her. She would ask me here and there to spend time with me, but each time I would hang out with my friends instead. It’s important to me that I spend lots of time with her because she’s all that I’ve really got. From now on, I will be sure to invest a lot of my time with her. I’m so blessed to have a wonderful sister like her. ❤


Some more Saturday

Just wanted to show some of my favorite things off too 😛

Favorite animal

hummingbirrds  yas

Favorite Food


Favorite Youtuber (besides myself)


Favorite Subject


Favorite Person


A Friday of Fever

Now when it comes to Valentines Day a lot of people  have different opinions on it.

Some cringe at the sound of it, whether it’s because they know it is yet another year alone, or a reminder they need to go get something for that special someone.

Some people smile at the sound of it, they know the day is coming where they get to be appreciated for being themselves, and that is always an awesome thing.

I, on the other hand, have a different view on the whole “Valentine’s Day Fever.” Valentines Day, sometimes unfortunately, most of the time luckily, is my birthday. Now some people don’t exactly know how that works, it’s really simple actually! My mom gave birth to me on Valentine’s Day, that’s it, that’s how that works. Anyways, it really is an awesome thing to be born on a holiday, especially one that’s not completely official. My mom always says, “if he’s not going to be with someone he loves, he’s with us.” Which is totally true. And not only for me but for you too! Valentine’s Day is a time for you to appreciate those you love and who love you back, including all the things you do.


If you insist on believing you are forever alone this holiday, then maybe this video will help you get through those long 24 hours.

Now no matter how you spend the day, just know that life works in mysterious ways and you never know what might come up 🙂

My Innovation Project

As you have seen hopefully seen while reading through this wonderful blog, is a few videos featuring me in them!

Well this is my innovation project! Basically a project where i get to create something and hopefully help people along the way.

For me i chose to make a youtube channel staring yours truly, and on the channel i will be making mostly vlogs and doing challenges and tags. this is my channel and it be much appreciated if you clinked that darn link and gave it a look!

But seriously check it out. Here are some videos i’ve made along the way!


Now making a youtube account is easy, finding the ideas and the time to edit everything is not. But I really do encourage anyone to make a channel of their own because it is so much fun and so exciting to see that people are actually watching your videos!

I would love love love loveeeee if you told me what videos i should do next! Challenges, Tags, Anything!!

Thanks so much



Tuesday Tip

We all know what’s coming up this week and for those of you who don’t….you’re in trouble! It’s the most lovable day of the year: hearts are overly used(<333), PDA is on every corner (get a room), and all the chocolate sold out. Even if you don’t have a significant other, Valentine’s day applies to you also. That’s right, don’t even think about pressing that red x on the upper hand corner. As dreadful as the day may seem to you, it’s another day of appreciation for those that you care most about. Your best friend, your siblings, parents, aunt, grandpa and grandma, they deserve all the love! So really, it’s a day that anyone can take part in. ❤ To make a really good Valentine’s day gift is not the price, location, or even the gift itself. The element of surprise is key for giving gifts. Even if you hate surprises, it’s so much better than being predictable. Spontaneity is a plus!


No, that does not mean you have to throw a surprise party. Save that for birthdays or a greater occasion. Instead, think thoughtful. Something that is unique, clearly comes from you, and is something the other person would like.

love notes jar

I’m sure you guys are familiar with the idea of filling a mason jar with love notes. To add a scavenging twist, you can hide the notes around the house, car, or anywhere. They’ll find a couple, but if you really hid the notes then it’ll be days until they find the others. Once they find the others days later, mission accomplished. 🙂




Click on the link for more beauties like this one: (I promise it’s not a spam)

The key to anyone’s heart is food!!! What better way to end the night than with homemade meal. Restaurants and overpriced food? Why bother when you can whip up a dish just as good maybe even better with a homemade touch. The time it took to make the food will all be worth it when you see their reaction. Food is good for the soul.


With technology and the invention of social messaging, it’s easy to forget originality. You can make a card for that someone who you care about OR you can snail mail it. I’ve always enjoyed receiving mail through a mailbox (still waiting). No other form of mail can beat that. Surprise someone with mail, and it’ll be the one mail that they will want to read and most likely cherish it.

Be spontaneous and put your heart and passion into your gift. Show me what you got 🙂


Steal It Saturday

Ideas come from everywhere, sometimes in the least expected places.

Sometimes from other people. Who said it first. Image

Now before anyone gets too heated i’m not talking about stealing someones idea and saying you are the original creator of said idea and you own all the rights and blah blah, but i am saying that if someone has a good idea and you are like “omg that’s a good idea” THEN LEARN FROM IT AND BUILD!!!
In school, whenever i see someone presenting a power point or a video, and i don’t have to present until the next day, i always take a few good ideas and points and use them as a way to enhance my performance in front of everyone showing off my skill. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?

But everyone gets dry when it comes to inspiration right? Whenever you are feeling like you need some new light ont he situation, I always turn to social media. Whether it be Twitter or YouTube, or simply googling”i need ideas,” a little inspiration goes a long way.

So good luck my fellow creators, and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Monday Morning

The pitch black engulfs you into nothingness. You peel away the covers only to feel a sensation of cool. The hairs of the back of your neck go up and goosebumps begin to trickle along your skin. You feel the urge to go back to sleep but the thrill of having more time lures you into a wake state of doing. Your arms go as high as the ceiling and a trembling vibration goes through your body as a yawn fills your body with the morning presence. As soon as the robe is slipped on, the warmth takes over the cool and a sense of comfort and ease is put in its place. The sky paints with the different variations of orange. The traveling sunlight glides along your window pane creating a silhouette on the floor of the room. The ombre effect of the darkest shade of orange to the lightest hue of blue fills the canvas of nothingness. You realize that it’s because of this you woke up this morning.



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