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Scream, shout, and let it all out. It’s tough to keep in feelings that only seem to eat your insides away. It’s a terrible feeling, and you’d do anything to get rid of it. Throw those nasty feelings into the¬†flames and watch it wither away into ashes. What’s stopping you? Oh wait, you were told to “control yourself”, “take a deep breath”, “take a step back”. Still, you do exactly what they tell you to do but your clenched fists maintain its position and heat in great measures is taken in and out of your nostrils. The last thing you want to do is to keep yourself composed. Everything around you takes on the disguise of punching bags and your initial reaction is to give blows here and there. They just don’t understand what I’m going through. It’s easier said than done. They don’t realize how much easier it is. If it’s unbearable, don’t bottle it up inside. Do what you can to bring yourself to normal (what’s normal?) state. Let it all out at the most you can afford given where you’re at.

If you’re at school- let your thoughts take on the form of words. Go to the restroom and splash water on your face and let the water drip down your face for a couple or so seconds before wiping your face down. Hold your breath; it’ll force you to take deep breathes in and out.



Good kid

If you’re at home- let your imagination run wild. However, do so with the safety of you, your house, and others. Take your pillow and start hitting your bed with it as hard as you can repeatedly. Go to your garage and scream til your lungs run out of air. Take a walk. You’ll thank mother nature later for its calming effects.


Mad city

Wherever you are, it’s possible to let your anger run wild and free. Take advantage of what’s around you. You’ll be surprised what you can do with the resources around you. Next time those horrible feelings come out, give them a piece of your mind. Whatever battle you may be battling, just know that you’re not alone ūüôā

Good kid, mad city


Sweet Nothing

Between being nice and being a people pleaser, there’s a difference. You can have an opinion of your own and still be considered as nice person. Whereas a people pleaser, there’s only a one way street- believing in other people’s beliefs. Of course, your own personality plays a big factor in where you lie. Those who aren’t as sensitive and independent find it easier to be themselves without the reliance of others, while those who are sensitive and care about other people’s opinions can easily become a follower.


Truth be told, I’m a people pleaser. I care about what others think about me and I let their opinions define me. Along the way, people would easily take advantage of me and saying no only became harder and harder to say. I found it harder to be myself and it got to the point where I no longer knew who I was. You find yourself looking for acceptance but instead, you receive a stab in the back.

Oh you're a people pleaser? I don't think so.

Oh you’re a people pleaser? I don’t think so.

I know people are who are nice but they still have an opinion of their own. My friend, Chris,¬†is an incredibly sweet guy and can get along with anyone. He can spark up a conversation with you with no gaps in between. Not only that, but he’s not afraid to go against other people’s opinions for the sake of his own opinion.¬†For instance,¬†when it comes to people with authority, how many of us would dare go against their word? That leaves us with only the delinquents and Chris. I remember how Chris told me a story of how during his basketball game, his¬†coach took him out to address¬†what he was doing wrong¬†and told him an alternative way to run the play. ¬†Instead of leaving it at just that, Chris argued against his coach and reasoned that his coach’s statement was contradictory.That’s only one of the many occurrences where he got head to head with his coach. In the end of the season when the awards banquet came, Chris won the coach’s award.



If you were to choose between the two, which one would you want to be?


Where did you go?

MountRedoubtEruptionI was so used to having you around in my life all the time and now you’re no where ¬†to be seen. Life seemed content; I had no worries. My only worry for the day would be, “What’s for dinner?” Now, I rarely see you come home anymore and when I do you’re usually with someone else. All of this for one job? Is it really worth it? We have food on the table, financially stable, and most importantly, we had a family. Now, there’s always someone else living in our house and when that person is gone a new one comes along. I never really understood why that was and I don’t think I ever will. Home should be viewed as “Home sweet home”; it shouldn’t be an unbearable place. It should be one’s sanctuary; a place of privacy. The house was already crowded enough as it is with two families; an extra person really does make a difference. Especially if that person is constantly complaining and making salty, oily food that is better left uneaten. It was just fine the way it was before. If it’s because you’re lonely, you¬†have your kids to turn to. Now I only see you for a brief moment in the morning. After that, I don’t know when you come home because by then, I’m usually asleep. I wouldn’t mind as much if I wasn’t an only child, but with a younger sibling there’s bound to be some damage. You’re so oblivious to what’s going on and it leaves everlasting scars that I want so badly to heal. You wouldn’t hesitate to fix a friend’s drama that can be fixed by his/her own but when it comes to own children, you wouldn’t even turn your attention towards it. Even worse, you’re well aware of the problems at hand. You have to stop pointing fingers at us and be willing to address the issue and work it out. When we’re arguing, you can’t just veer off the subject when you realize that I do have a point. You have to reflect on the issue and do something about it. I know my younger sibling is not the trouble maker that you think she is. She’s only like that because she has no guidance to keep her in line. I know, it should be my duty to watch after her, but I can only do so much with conflicting schedules. I’m trying so hard, but I don’t even know if my efforts can save us. Where did you go?


Music Monday

Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

So hopefully many of you listen to music because its a pretty awesome and powerful thing. But how many of you listen to music in a different language? From a different country? Well one type of music that has hit America really hard is Korean pop music, or Kpop. Now before you get out your pitch forks, you should really try it. I really only listen to one group from Korea and that’s Girls’ Generation.

Girls GenerationGirls’s Gen. is a group of 9 young ladies (from left to right¬†Taeyeon,¬†Hyoyeon,¬†Seohyun,¬†Sooyoung,Yoona,¬†Jessica,¬†Tiffany,¬†Sunny¬†and¬†Yuri)¬†and they are one of the largest musical groups in the world. They have around Asia and have come over to the US for numerous interviews and guest appearances, as well as to preform during their world tour. They have won many awards, including one that is pretty amazing and that’s video of the year for Youtube. With their song “I Got A Boy” reaching over 80 million views, it was a well deserved award.



Girl’s Genration first made its way to America with their song Gee in 2009. Now they have fans all around the world and are a well loved and respected group. Now with their recent uprising with I Got A Boy and their newest song Mr.Mr. they have once again lit the flame in America for Kpopp

When listening to Kpop music, at least i have no idea what they’re saying, and to a point that can be better. When you don’t know what they’re saying, it leaves it open to interpenetration, plus is sounds better because you just automatically assume everything is better in a different language. At the very least what’s the harm in trying something new right? Here are some more songs by them and other groups. By the way, their music videos are ten times better than America’s and will always make you laugh (whether they’re trying to or not).

Girls Generation – Gee

Girls Generation – Mr.Mr

Girls Generation – Oh!

BIGBANG -Fantastic Baby

SHINee – Lucifer



(yes i totally stole the title from Grace Helbig)

So in my English class at school, we just started reading The Count of Monte Christo, and wow there are some characters in there.

The whole book is basically based around this guy, Edmond Dantes, and how he gets a new position as caption of a ship and is getting married soon to this women who a lot of other people seem to love. Basically everyone who is jealous of his new job and wife decides to plot against him and try to get him thrown in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Really rude right? Well, i personally, am very excited to read and find out how everything plays out.

But the book has really made me think about this whole issue of jealousy. Especially in high school, everyone gets jealous about everything. Clothes, cars, shoes, grades, boyfriends, girlfriends, everything! People even get jealous if someone gets a piece of gum and they don’t. Why!? I mean really if you look back at what you have, why not spend your energy being grateful for what you have instead of wishing you had more. Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into one of “those” rants, and i know its human nature to want more, but the next time you catch yourself wanting more, say what can you give?


Friendly Friday

Friends are everything.

I truly believe that friends are so essential to life and living as a human, that without the ability to make friends, we would all just not function. Some friends are fake, and i know that and they know that, and yet for some reason we want to stay with them? Maybe its just to feel like someone is there for you, or like you aren’t alone, but the fact is you can’t stay with them because its not a friendship, its a lie. Lately i myself have been reevaluating the friends i have in my life and wondering if they truly love me for who i am. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but i think it’s really helping. ¬†So i thought, why not give shutouts to those true friends today :)!

Kimberly ~

You have been my super smart friend that is always pushing me to do more than i think i’m able to do, and you help me every step of the way. You listen to all my stupid comments about pretty much everything and even though you’re like deaf out of one ear, you’re a better listener than half the people i know. You’re going to be an even more amazing person. SHOUTOUT to your innovation project! RECYCLE YOU GUYS ITS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! LOOK FOR THOSE BOXES <3333


OMggggg sista sista. You are honestly the sister i wish i had (is that bad). I don’t know why people thing we are actually related, maybe because of the way we act with each other but you always abuse me and its really rude and you should actually stop. When you’re not physically abusing me (or mentally), you’re actually a really sweet person who i know is always looking out for me. I fear for the person who crosses me because you will beat them up 10x more than me. I think i was your first guy friend since you moved here and you are my oldest friend, so i guess that’s a good sign right ūüôā ‚̧ HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY

Michelle (the other one)

The amount of inside jokes we have is kind of scary, like we can communicate with just hand motions and i think that’s pretty special. We have been in a total of 2 classes together, and that’s the most i’ve been with any of my friends SO CONGRATS YAY!!!! Thank you, honestly, for being there for those really low points of my life and being a shoulder to lean on, unconditionally loving me , i think you have made me cry from laughter more than anyone else i know, and lake Sebastian thanks you for its water supply.¬†(might go blind). I love you <333

I’m really bad at this so i think i’ll stop there before i embarrass more people. Thanks for reading these sappy things, and go enjoy the company of your friends!

-Sebastian FIRNDS

Word of Advice

“A moment on the lips; a life time on the hips”



Shhh, don’t tell mom.

The word “diet” is often misused whether it’s cutting the number of meals you have in day or getting rid of your indulgences ENTIRELY. It’s inhumane and it ruins the purpose of food. Food not only provides energy but should be eaten in enjoyment. Life becomes a little more bearable when the food you eat makes you content. It’s only contentment if food lives up to its name: comfort food, indulgences, desserts.

  1. Trade in the old for the new. Here’s where math comes in handy. That chocolate molten fudge you’re craving? Substitute it for a ¬†hot chocolate banana-nut oatmeal instead, chocolate heaven with a crunch of a nut topped with a hint of banana. Breakfast just got better:¬†¬† Eventually with repetition and time, the cravings will lessen and you’ll be hooked onto new foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grains) with your changed palate.
  2. Work out to pig out. Turn those carbs into abs. Those ab workouts, lunges, crunches, cherry pickers, planks, squats….for the price of eating whatever you want, how ever much you want? Uhhh yes! Studies also show that there’s a release of endorphins after working out. Happiness+ food= satisfaction.
  3. Eat more meals. Three meals a day…how about five? Instead of splitting up your meal plan into three big meals, split it into more meals but with less food on your plate. Doing this, you increase your metabolism by allowing your body to digest more meals at a time. It’s amazing what your body can do.

The next time you’re craving, debate it with the tips and tricks above before making the final decision. Enjoy yourself!!


Turn it in Tueday

Books Books and more Books

Books are wonderful amazing magical things that let you travel to places that you yourself could never dream of. Whether the book is fiction or non-fiction, a series or a single seller, or required for school, you always get something out of reading a book. ¬†Sometimes when you start out reading a book, it’s really slow and you just wanna throw it at a wall, but if you¬†just get through those first couple of pages, you get to that part where you really connect with the book and a certain character, and then you just can’t put the book down! Sometimes books even become movies, fans are everything now a days!

Here are some famous books and books i have read or seen on the screen!


Probably the most famous book of my generation, twilight. This book has sold MILLIONS, and when it became a movie, the fame just flew through the charts. If you lived under a rock and didn’t hear about it, its about this girl who discovers the love of her life is a vampire and although that sounds pretty cool it comes with a lot of problems. There’s also some werewolves and like evil vampires and they go to Rome or something, there’s like 12 books just watch the movies and you’ll be fine. But this book is the definition of how movies helped the book industry boom, definitely check out both.

kkNow this is an example of a book that you get to read for school. At first you’re all like i mean ehhhhhh, then you get to that one part of the book and you’re like ohhhhhh my goodness but he’s my fav character. That or you read in sparknotes and you’re like what what? and then read it anyways. I wanted to use this as an example of how you can’t judge something by its cover. To me, any book or movie about war is boring and really just the same thing repeated, but as it turned out, i got really connectd to some of the characters and i really did feel for them when certain events in the book occurred. No spoilers here!!!! Just read ūüôā

asdfasdfNow this is the third type of book you know and love. That book that you always hear about, always see your friends reading, always end up forgetting about it until it becomes a movie, and yet NEVER READ IT! Why not!? I know i’m completely guilty when it comes to this, i always say i’ll pick it up some time soon, and never do. I always got my own agenda to finish, which is not great since you don’t always have people you can share your feeling with about the book. I guess you can just no one will know what’s happening and you’ll be that one kid who won’t stop talking. But hey at least they’re making a movie so you can pretend you read it for now :)!

Hope these showed off some different kinds of books and maybe even helped you chose your next book to read. It’s a crazy world books take you to, and you just have to try it.


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