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Music Monday

Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

So hopefully many of you listen to music because its a pretty awesome and powerful thing. But how many of you listen to music in a different language? From a different country? Well one type of music that has hit America really hard is Korean pop music, or Kpop. Now before you get out your pitch forks, you should really try it. I really only listen to one group from Korea and that’s Girls’ Generation.

Girls GenerationGirls’s Gen. is a group of 9 young ladies (from left to right TaeyeonHyoyeonSeohyunSooyoung,YoonaJessicaTiffanySunny and Yuri) and they are one of the largest musical groups in the world. They have around Asia and have come over to the US for numerous interviews and guest appearances, as well as to preform during their world tour. They have won many awards, including one that is pretty amazing and that’s video of the year for Youtube. With their song “I Got A Boy” reaching over 80 million views, it was a well deserved award.



Girl’s Genration first made its way to America with their song Gee in 2009. Now they have fans all around the world and are a well loved and respected group. Now with their recent uprising with I Got A Boy and their newest song Mr.Mr. they have once again lit the flame in America for Kpopp

When listening to Kpop music, at least i have no idea what they’re saying, and to a point that can be better. When you don’t know what they’re saying, it leaves it open to interpenetration, plus is sounds better because you just automatically assume everything is better in a different language. At the very least what’s the harm in trying something new right? Here are some more songs by them and other groups. By the way, their music videos are ten times better than America’s and will always make you laugh (whether they’re trying to or not).

Girls Generation – Gee

Girls Generation – Mr.Mr

Girls Generation – Oh!

BIGBANG -Fantastic Baby

SHINee – Lucifer



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