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Has there every been a moment where you have felt so accomplished for what you have done that you had the urge to share it ? It doesn’t matter how, all you ask for is the people’s attention. The many months of preparation, the myriad of flaws, the excessive planning, it never felt better getting past the hardest past and to get to where you aimed for: the end result.


I’m proud to say that my accomplishment epitomizes it all. Before the project was launched, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything like this, nonetheless even conjuring up such an idea. It all seemed surreal to me, and just not like me. Looking back at my life and zeroing in on any accomplishments that I’m proud of, my mind would be at blank. Nothing. Zippo. Not until I was presented with this particular project, that all changed.

As a high schooler, you get presented with a certain type of criteria that your projects must follow- from the preparation to the end result. The project itself is pretty much done for you, except your teachers are the master minds behind it and you’re doing all of the dirty work (yuck). But I’ve never gotten a project like this one- a project of free expression. You are pretty much able to do anything you want (school appropriate of course), but to come up with an idea and make that specific idea happen. It’s an outlet of the future and it pretty much tells a lot about you and how well you come up with ideas, along with communicating to others. It’s the first project that I’ve done in school that actually applies to the real world. (Isn’t school supposed to prepare you for the real world??)


My project was inspired by The Camp at Costa Mesa. For all of you Californian’s, it’s an unforgettable stop-by. You won’t regret it! As for those outside of California, when you do get the chance to go down to California make it a pit stop.  The Camp is not your typical plaza with a wooden picket signs, organic food stores, displays that capture the campfire feel, its atmosphere pretty much describes the name of the place itself. I’ve never been to a plaza like this one.  <= Click on the link for visuals! Right when you get to The Camp there are these short, inspirational quotes that greet you before you even step foot on the place. Even better, every parking lot is filled with these quotes. For once, I wanted to park as far as possible other than the reason for  getting exercise. This gave me an idea: what better way to implant these quotes onto my school? Considering how chaotic the mornings and after-school can be, it wouldn’t hurt to give the parents, students, or even staff members something to smile about. It was a tedious process through getting the school district’s approval, planning, gathering materials. As simple as it sounds, it took a lot more work than realized. But, we finally got it done! 🙂l-1

We decided to do every other parking space, and aimed for a goal of three rows instead of the whole lot of ten. With the empty lots, we’re planning on implementing a design in between. It’s a little twist to the one at the Camp 🙂 By the end of this year, we plan on finishing the ten rows with quotes and then next year, finalize the project with the designs in between.


Yours truly,

Angie 🙂

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