Survival of the fittest throughout the days of the week

In a fast-paced generation, patience is easily lost throughout the winding moments of the day. Whether it may be waiting in line or how slow your cellular data is (even with 4G), it’s moments like these where we need patience the most. This is why it is crucial to build up our stamina. As we adjust ourselves to the fast-motion picture that happens to be our lives, we shouldn’t be piling more stress into lives. Instead, we should be able to control our stress and channel it into inner peace. Here are some tips to build your stamina:

The fast-pace world as we know it.

1.  Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is considered one of the most important mental characteristic to have. It’s through positive thoughts one can build their self-confidence. By repeatedly telling yourself positive things before a triathlon, you’ll be to finish the race you trained so hard for. Instead of saying “I’ll never be able to…” say to yourself “I will be able to…” By invading your negative thoughts with positive ones, your mentality will eventually adjust itself to the positive thoughts. This will provide a greater output on how you carry yourself.

She's so confident that she wore that to work.

She’s so confident that she wore that to work.

2. Picture Perfect

Before a big event, picture a past accomplishment or picture how you would want the event to go. This process gives yourself a mental rehearsal, which induces a sense of readiness. No one likes to start off feeling unprepared, especially when you worked so hard for it! Also, picturing past accomplishments is said to make you feel happy which can be traced back to the release of endorphins. This is similar to the first tip but uses a visualization technique.

Just picture it...

Just picture it…

3. Run a Marathon

Or any race! Put yourself in a race that demands highly of your body. The training is one thing: a process that includes intense work outs that test your determination and strength. It’s also another thing when you are actually in the race. Despite all the training, you’re bound to get tired to the point of giving up. This is ultimate test determining whether you want to finish the race or quit the race. All in all, it’s a win-win situation. You may not have won the race, but you won through the accomplishment of your feat.

By following these three quotas, you will have a different outlook on your life and greater control on your mind and body. Maybe not do all three at once, but give at least one of them a try. You’ll be surprised at what  you, yourself is capable of doing.

Follow these tips to feel like Rocky

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