Survival of the fittest throughout the days of the week


Maybe it’s just the hormonal talk but some days it’s easier to feel sad or mad then other days. (Can I get an Amen?) Yes, you are in control of your own emotions. But to what extent? You’re watching a movie and for some unknown reason, tears come streaming in rivulets. You didn’t ask to cry (to each their own), but the tears come nonetheless. It’s in those moments, your feelings get the best of you. It’s in those very times, you just can’t help but to feel the way you’re feeling. In short, life gets to us. So really, don’t be quick to judge how someone controls their own feeling. Through time and self-improvement, those feelings are no longer a struggle but within our control.
“People are resilient-they can handle a lot of things you’d think they wouldn’t be able to handle.”

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