Survival of the fittest throughout the days of the week


Welcome to the blog! Learn alittle bit about your wonderlful bloggers :).

Hey i’m Sebastian and i am one half of the reason behind the extraordinary 5Fingers2theFace blog. I’m 15 and i am totally addicted to the internet (like every other 15 year old ever), but once im offline im outside with my wonderful friends. I’m in love with Knotts Scary farm and everything that will make me jump.

Hey there, I’m Angie! The blog could not have been done without my partner and crime, Sebastian. Two heads are better than one!!  I’m not much of a makeup/hair/fashion gal but it fascinates me nonetheless. A girl’s life sure is hard….I love the outdoors and try to stay active as much as I can. On my free time, I love to run, swim, paddle board, anything to keep me busy! On the side, I love to bake and bake up a couple of recipes or so. Now, I have found a source to pour my heart and soul in: blogging. Once you start, you can’t stop. Check out our blog! 🙂

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