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(yes i totally stole the title from Grace Helbig)

So in my English class at school, we just started reading The Count of Monte Christo, and wow there are some characters in there.

The whole book is basically based around this guy, Edmond Dantes, and how he gets a new position as caption of a ship and is getting married soon to this women who a lot of other people seem to love. Basically everyone who is jealous of his new job and wife decides to plot against him and try to get him thrown in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Really rude right? Well, i personally, am very excited to read and find out how everything plays out.

But the book has really made me think about this whole issue of jealousy. Especially in high school, everyone gets jealous about everything. Clothes, cars, shoes, grades, boyfriends, girlfriends, everything! People even get jealous if someone gets a piece of gum and they don’t. Why!? I mean really if you look back at what you have, why not spend your energy being grateful for what you have instead of wishing you had more. Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into one of “those” rants, and i know its human nature to want more, but the next time you catch yourself wanting more, say what can you give?


Friendly Friday

Friends are everything.

I truly believe that friends are so essential to life and living as a human, that without the ability to make friends, we would all just not function. Some friends are fake, and i know that and they know that, and yet for some reason we want to stay with them? Maybe its just to feel like someone is there for you, or like you aren’t alone, but the fact is you can’t stay with them because its not a friendship, its a lie. Lately i myself have been reevaluating the friends i have in my life and wondering if they truly love me for who i am. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but i think it’s really helping.  So i thought, why not give shutouts to those true friends today :)!

Kimberly ~

You have been my super smart friend that is always pushing me to do more than i think i’m able to do, and you help me every step of the way. You listen to all my stupid comments about pretty much everything and even though you’re like deaf out of one ear, you’re a better listener than half the people i know. You’re going to be an even more amazing person. SHOUTOUT to your innovation project! RECYCLE YOU GUYS ITS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! LOOK FOR THOSE BOXES <3333


OMggggg sista sista. You are honestly the sister i wish i had (is that bad). I don’t know why people thing we are actually related, maybe because of the way we act with each other but you always abuse me and its really rude and you should actually stop. When you’re not physically abusing me (or mentally), you’re actually a really sweet person who i know is always looking out for me. I fear for the person who crosses me because you will beat them up 10x more than me. I think i was your first guy friend since you moved here and you are my oldest friend, so i guess that’s a good sign right 🙂 ❤ HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY

Michelle (the other one)

The amount of inside jokes we have is kind of scary, like we can communicate with just hand motions and i think that’s pretty special. We have been in a total of 2 classes together, and that’s the most i’ve been with any of my friends SO CONGRATS YAY!!!! Thank you, honestly, for being there for those really low points of my life and being a shoulder to lean on, unconditionally loving me , i think you have made me cry from laughter more than anyone else i know, and lake Sebastian thanks you for its water supply. (might go blind). I love you <333

I’m really bad at this so i think i’ll stop there before i embarrass more people. Thanks for reading these sappy things, and go enjoy the company of your friends!

-Sebastian FIRNDS

A Friday of Fever

Now when it comes to Valentines Day a lot of people  have different opinions on it.

Some cringe at the sound of it, whether it’s because they know it is yet another year alone, or a reminder they need to go get something for that special someone.

Some people smile at the sound of it, they know the day is coming where they get to be appreciated for being themselves, and that is always an awesome thing.

I, on the other hand, have a different view on the whole “Valentine’s Day Fever.” Valentines Day, sometimes unfortunately, most of the time luckily, is my birthday. Now some people don’t exactly know how that works, it’s really simple actually! My mom gave birth to me on Valentine’s Day, that’s it, that’s how that works. Anyways, it really is an awesome thing to be born on a holiday, especially one that’s not completely official. My mom always says, “if he’s not going to be with someone he loves, he’s with us.” Which is totally true. And not only for me but for you too! Valentine’s Day is a time for you to appreciate those you love and who love you back, including all the things you do.


If you insist on believing you are forever alone this holiday, then maybe this video will help you get through those long 24 hours.

Now no matter how you spend the day, just know that life works in mysterious ways and you never know what might come up 🙂

Fairytale Friday

By this point, I think we all know the trend of fairytales- a girl happens to be doomed in a life of misfortune, miraculously meets the one, the two fall in love, and let’s not forget, they live happily ever after. As the audience, we can already predict what will happen next and can begin to unravel the plot from the start, yet we still find ourselves swooning over the movie and have an impending need to watch the movie again. Disney has done it again with its magical ways of making me feel like a child again. Even though we see right through the make believe of fairytales, we still have the tendency to apply it to our love life.

(what really happened)


Friday Favorites

December is already here and I can already feel the festivities of the month. As the days pass by I grow with anticipation! The christmas lights, chilly days, decorations, all leads up to my favorite holiday, Christmas.

Favorite Christmas movie of all-time:


The movie never gets old!

2. Favorite room decor: tumblr_mxf6xrNwJB1sjlv75o1_500

Favorite improvised christmas tree: 


Favorite Feels: 


Favorite look-alike: 


Favorite meme: 


Favorite pancake: 


Bring out your inner Elf and celebrate this month with Christmas joy and spirit. It’s the last month of the year so make it the best one! 🙂


Frozen Friday

FIRST OFF, go see this movie, it is by far in my top 5 favorite Disney Movies. I mean TWO NEW Disney Princesses? Yes Please! Now for those who don’t know, this movie is about the newly crowned Ice Queen and her little sister, who are basically twins. When the Ice Queen, Elsa(Idina Menzel), discovers her powers as a little girl, she accidentally hurts her little sister, Anna (Kristen Bell), making her parents think she should suppress and hide her powers, removing the memory from Anna’s mind that her sister even had the powers. As the two grow older, Elsa must open the castle gates, closed for about fifteen years, for her coronation. Anna, who is extremely excited to see the world and all the people, is the polar opposite of the nervous wreck that is Elsa. Long story short (and with no spoilers), Elsa reveals her powers a bit too much and flees from the kingdom to hide in the mountains, accidentally starting an eternal winter in the middle of summer. The movie is then about Anna’s adventure getting and convincing Elsa to return with her to the kingdom.

The song shown above, Let it go, is sung by Idina Menzel when her character, Elsa, is finally free to show and test these powers that all her life have been seen as bad. As the songs progresses she talks about showing her all and now caring what other people think, which is such a beautiful thing. For someone to be truly and finally comfortable and happy in their own and with being them self is such a hard thing to achieve, and this song is when that turning point for Elsa happens. The song itself is amazing but with that meaning it truly is something spectacular and award worthy for Disney.

I’ve read in Tale of Two Cities, this one character, Carter, is so obsessed with being better than the “drunken idiot” he is that he goes for the most perfect girl, thinking that will somehow change him. Unfortunately he doesn’t see that he needs to accept himself before anybody can accept him. Throughout the book Carter goes from ups and downs, while his counterpart tells him he will always be less than him. If there is someone like that in your life, I’m telling you not to listen. What’s the point in filling your head with those pointless thoughts. You are who you are, accept and live it. If you want to make a better version of yourself, then do it! But love yourself every step of the way.

Thanks for reading


Friday Favorites

With all of the candy and fun filled costumes, the end of the week is here! The weekend is just what I need to recover from my sugar crash. I hope you all had your fill of festivities. Here are my favorites for the day:

Favorite halloween candy:REESE'S CUPS

Favorite coffee design:


Favorite art: 

Exploded flowers by Fong Qi Wei 




Favorite finger food: 


Favorite motivational quote: 

“We rejoice in our suffering knowing that suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope and hope does not disappoint us.” -Romans 5:3-5

Favorite GIF: 

May you all have a wonderful weekend and catch up on your sleep!
-Angie 🙂

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