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Stamina builds patience

In a fast-paced generation, patience is easily lost throughout the winding moments of the day. Whether it may be waiting in line or how slow your cellular data is (even with 4G), it’s moments like these where we need patience the most. This is why it is crucial to build up our stamina. As we adjust ourselves to the fast-motion picture that happens to be our lives, we shouldn’t be piling more stress into lives. Instead, we should be able to control our stress and channel it into inner peace. Here are some tips to build your stamina:

The fast-pace world as we know it.

1.  Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is considered one of the most important mental characteristic to have. It’s through positive thoughts one can build their self-confidence. By repeatedly telling yourself positive things before a triathlon, you’ll be to finish the race you trained so hard for. Instead of saying “I’ll never be able to…” say to yourself “I will be able to…” By invading your negative thoughts with positive ones, your mentality will eventually adjust itself to the positive thoughts. This will provide a greater output on how you carry yourself.

She's so confident that she wore that to work.

She’s so confident that she wore that to work.

2. Picture Perfect

Before a big event, picture a past accomplishment or picture how you would want the event to go. This process gives yourself a mental rehearsal, which induces a sense of readiness. No one likes to start off feeling unprepared, especially when you worked so hard for it! Also, picturing past accomplishments is said to make you feel happy which can be traced back to the release of endorphins. This is similar to the first tip but uses a visualization technique.

Just picture it...

Just picture it…

3. Run a Marathon

Or any race! Put yourself in a race that demands highly of your body. The training is one thing: a process that includes intense work outs that test your determination and strength. It’s also another thing when you are actually in the race. Despite all the training, you’re bound to get tired to the point of giving up. This is ultimate test determining whether you want to finish the race or quit the race. All in all, it’s a win-win situation. You may not have won the race, but you won through the accomplishment of your feat.

By following these three quotas, you will have a different outlook on your life and greater control on your mind and body. Maybe not do all three at once, but give at least one of them a try. You’ll be surprised at what  you, yourself is capable of doing.

Follow these tips to feel like Rocky

Yours Truly,




Sat. stands for S.A.T.

Do you ever wonder how they made up the name S.A.T.? They took one of the most beloved weekends and instead of Saturday, renamed it “S.A.T.” It’s a cruel, cruel world. My mom decided to hold it true to its name and had me taking S.A.T. classes every Saturday. As if my weekends couldn’t get any better. Maintaining a G.P.A, extracurricular activities, AP tests, isn’t that enough? No, colleges want MORE. They never settle for less and always try to add to the pile to see if their students are fit for their school.

What I should be doing: photo-1

But instead: 

photoGotta love the weekends!



Sisterly Love


She can really be a pain, drives me insane, makes me want to pull her hair out…but she’s my first priority. She’s been there for me through it all and I can always count on her to make any dull moment seem spontaneous. She’s amazing at what she does: cheerleading. Her philosophy is: “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”


Although she argues that there are better cheerleaders than her, I believe she’s the best cheerleader that I know. She has a trademark of showing off her skills at any given time or place. It never ceases to amaze me what she can do, and it’s been a goal of mine to be able to do one of the moves that she does and capture a picture of us two doing one of her trademark moves together…one day, one day.


She gets me like no one else does. I swear, she has a telepathy ability to be able to know what I’m thinking or what I am about to say by just looking at the expression on my face. Although she’s the younger one of us two, she always know what to say and gives me advice I need/want to hear. My parents were never really around, but she was always there to support me and she wouldn’t hesitate in a heartbeat to be there for me. She’s been there to see me make mistakes after mistakes. Instead of judging me, she always understood where I was coming from. I’ve realized that I haven’t really been there for her. She would ask me here and there to spend time with me, but each time I would hang out with my friends instead. It’s important to me that I spend lots of time with her because she’s all that I’ve really got. From now on, I will be sure to invest a lot of my time with her. I’m so blessed to have a wonderful sister like her. ❤


Some more Saturday

Just wanted to show some of my favorite things off too 😛

Favorite animal

hummingbirrds  yas

Favorite Food


Favorite Youtuber (besides myself)


Favorite Subject


Favorite Person


Steal It Saturday

Ideas come from everywhere, sometimes in the least expected places.

Sometimes from other people. Who said it first. Image

Now before anyone gets too heated i’m not talking about stealing someones idea and saying you are the original creator of said idea and you own all the rights and blah blah, but i am saying that if someone has a good idea and you are like “omg that’s a good idea” THEN LEARN FROM IT AND BUILD!!!
In school, whenever i see someone presenting a power point or a video, and i don’t have to present until the next day, i always take a few good ideas and points and use them as a way to enhance my performance in front of everyone showing off my skill. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?

But everyone gets dry when it comes to inspiration right? Whenever you are feeling like you need some new light ont he situation, I always turn to social media. Whether it be Twitter or YouTube, or simply googling”i need ideas,” a little inspiration goes a long way.

So good luck my fellow creators, and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Sci-fi Saturday

Honestly, I’m not much of an intergalactic person( Star Wars, Star Trek, anything to do with stars). I tried to get into it, but it’s not my cup of tea. I loved the costumes, alien-like features, but I just never understood the plot and what exactly the characters were trying to do. It all seemed too informative and sounded more like a history lecture than a story line. It wasn’t until I watched Galaxy Quest, did I start having a knack for sic-fi and its intergalactic universe. Image (more…)

Summer Saturday

Yes Its Frozen again.

Because there is nothing better than Frozen.

And if you thought that was a joke then its a good thing because today’s topic is comedy!
Throughout literature you see all these comical things put here and there to lighten the mood, and usually there is that one character that is put in the story just for laughs. Comedy has many different forms, and in the video above you get the so my favorite form of it, irony.

Irony and sarcasm are both great tools for comedy. Irony is when we know something that the character doesn’t or when something happens that is the opposite of what is expected, such as a snowman wanting to find out what summer is like! Sarcasm is something that i personally am amazing at (no sarcasm there) and it basically means saying something and meaning the opposite. These tools and many others are what make comedy such a great thing and using them to their full potential will make people cry in laughter. Hopefully Olaf here can help with that!

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