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Confidence Motivation and more Confidence

Whenever i try to do something or get something done, i often find myself having no desire to complete the task at hand. It’s usually either because i’m too lazy to do it or because I’ve lost sight on the bigger picture, or even worse i don’t think i can achieve that big picture. Recently i saw Rocky for the first time and it really teaches people something about the human’s way of never giving up. I for one am not a huge fan of violence in any way, but i usually let it slide when its a movie that’s just really, really good.

First off, this movie really touches on the whole push yourself until you can’t push yourself anymore, and then keep going. I absolutely love an underdog story and it always reminds me of how i need to get up and get into gear because no matter what it is i’m trying to do, i need to give it 110% or it won’t be worth it. Yet, with all this, i can’t do anything without confidence. Confidence is the number one thing someone needs to do anything, ANYTHING. Without confidence you’re just doing the motions and hoping it will be enough. NO! You have to look at yourself in the mirror or your front camera and say,”Hey, it sucks sometimes how people think of you, or how you think of you, but get this ish done because that’s what needs to happen and you deserve to have this be amazing.” Maybe not that detailed but for the love of God tell yourself you can do it! And if you can’t tell yourself or believe yourself, then find someone who will! Surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally and won’t forget to tell you, just be sure you’re listening. “People who mind don’t matter and people who matter don’t mind” I tell myself that it has helped me make so many decisions in life that would have ultimately made me a much sadder person had i not reminded myself.


What’s that? You have confidence but you don’t see a point? Is it laziness? Maybe, but if that’s the case go outside and take a run or hurry up and finish binge watching that T.V series. All in all you need some good old fashion motivation. Trust me i get it, if there’s no point then, well what’s the point. There always is a point though, always, some are just harder to find that others. Get up and find something that really moves you, something that bothers you so much you feel the need to do something about it. And for please let it be your reasons, not someone else’s’ because that’s just borrowing someone’s confidence and you gotta build up yourself to say i’m doing this for me and for whatever reasons i have because that’s that, so stand out of my way or help. Rocky heard everyone saying how stupid it is for him to be doing this, and how its just a joke, but he said i’m training and competing for me because i have something to prove, and not only to everyone else but to myself. That’s amazing to me, and an obvious reason as to why this movie is so memorable.

Whatever it is you’re trying to do i wish you luck, because it will be difficult and you might not get the results you wanted, but no matter what you did it the way you wanted to and hey, you did something!

To Innovate or Renovate

As you may have seen throughout this blog, I posted a few videos staring me, because i’m perfect. Just kidding.

Throughout this last year i have been recording and uploading videos onto Youtube as i saw the Youtube community as an amazing, fun place to be in and as a way to test my creative skills and how to use a computer. As it turned out, after making the first video, my ideal world where i could just sail by wasn’t going to happen. When i first started recording video, i had a hard time figuring out all the components that you don’t see on camera. For example, i had to use 3 lamps and point them directly at me and my friend because there wasn’t a spot in my house that had enough lighting without washing us out at the same time. It was kind of fun though, doing trial and error with such a silly thing like lamps.

After Christmas, i got my own digital camera, and the quality was so much better than on my phone, and people could even watch in HD on Youtube! Once, my first few videos came out, i started getting more and more comfortable being on camera, the hard part came before i went on camera when i had to come up with an idea that people could sit and enjoy watching for 5 minutes. Of course once i learned all the tricks to editing it became easier, but it really opened my eyes to how people who make a living off of this, don’t have it so easy. I’m going to Vidcon this year, which is basically the convention for Youtube, and i can honestly say it will be a totally different experience than if i hadn’t started making videos.

After this year is over, i hope to continue making videos, maybe even become a little famous! Always been a dream of mine to be stopped on the street and have someone ask me if I’m Sebastian Luna. Hopefully this can be a hobby i continue in the future, and i can help bring a smile to anyone who watches me.

And of course, the latest installment of me and my friends


Trust Tuesday

Everyone, at some point in their lives, have been hurt by someone they trust.

Now when this happens the usually response is either, “why would you do that?” Or “naw its cool man.” Polar opposites i know. I’m more of the first one, but i do seem to put myself out there more so i should be ready for more hurt than not. When someone breaks your trust it can be a really hard thing to deal with, and even harder thing to trust again. On the other hand when you break someone’s trust you usually just say “I’m sorry it won’t happen again.” but they always have a way of bringing it up when you want something. When making fiends, one of the key moments in the friendship is when you realize you can trust them, and you get that weird smile on your face because now you can say that one secret you’ve been dying to tell since you heard it.

Anyways, when trust is broken that’s a horrible thing, whether its you saying you’re going somewhere to your parents and you end up going to a different place, or its cheating on a test, you can’t just expect people to go from 0 to 100 the next time you do the same thing. So when you say you’re going to Jimmy’s house for real real this time, your parents might not let you go, and you have to accept that. Same goes for when your trust is broken. That person is no longer on the top of your list, and you’re not running to tell them all your secrets, but after time you learn to trust again and realize everyone makes mistakes. Image

Turn it in Tueday

Books Books and more Books

Books are wonderful amazing magical things that let you travel to places that you yourself could never dream of. Whether the book is fiction or non-fiction, a series or a single seller, or required for school, you always get something out of reading a book.  Sometimes when you start out reading a book, it’s really slow and you just wanna throw it at a wall, but if you just get through those first couple of pages, you get to that part where you really connect with the book and a certain character, and then you just can’t put the book down! Sometimes books even become movies, fans are everything now a days!

Here are some famous books and books i have read or seen on the screen!


Probably the most famous book of my generation, twilight. This book has sold MILLIONS, and when it became a movie, the fame just flew through the charts. If you lived under a rock and didn’t hear about it, its about this girl who discovers the love of her life is a vampire and although that sounds pretty cool it comes with a lot of problems. There’s also some werewolves and like evil vampires and they go to Rome or something, there’s like 12 books just watch the movies and you’ll be fine. But this book is the definition of how movies helped the book industry boom, definitely check out both.

kkNow this is an example of a book that you get to read for school. At first you’re all like i mean ehhhhhh, then you get to that one part of the book and you’re like ohhhhhh my goodness but he’s my fav character. That or you read in sparknotes and you’re like what what? and then read it anyways. I wanted to use this as an example of how you can’t judge something by its cover. To me, any book or movie about war is boring and really just the same thing repeated, but as it turned out, i got really connectd to some of the characters and i really did feel for them when certain events in the book occurred. No spoilers here!!!! Just read 🙂

asdfasdfNow this is the third type of book you know and love. That book that you always hear about, always see your friends reading, always end up forgetting about it until it becomes a movie, and yet NEVER READ IT! Why not!? I know i’m completely guilty when it comes to this, i always say i’ll pick it up some time soon, and never do. I always got my own agenda to finish, which is not great since you don’t always have people you can share your feeling with about the book. I guess you can just no one will know what’s happening and you’ll be that one kid who won’t stop talking. But hey at least they’re making a movie so you can pretend you read it for now :)!

Hope these showed off some different kinds of books and maybe even helped you chose your next book to read. It’s a crazy world books take you to, and you just have to try it.


Tuesday Tip

We all know what’s coming up this week and for those of you who don’t….you’re in trouble! It’s the most lovable day of the year: hearts are overly used(<333), PDA is on every corner (get a room), and all the chocolate sold out. Even if you don’t have a significant other, Valentine’s day applies to you also. That’s right, don’t even think about pressing that red x on the upper hand corner. As dreadful as the day may seem to you, it’s another day of appreciation for those that you care most about. Your best friend, your siblings, parents, aunt, grandpa and grandma, they deserve all the love! So really, it’s a day that anyone can take part in. ❤ To make a really good Valentine’s day gift is not the price, location, or even the gift itself. The element of surprise is key for giving gifts. Even if you hate surprises, it’s so much better than being predictable. Spontaneity is a plus!


No, that does not mean you have to throw a surprise party. Save that for birthdays or a greater occasion. Instead, think thoughtful. Something that is unique, clearly comes from you, and is something the other person would like.

love notes jar

I’m sure you guys are familiar with the idea of filling a mason jar with love notes. To add a scavenging twist, you can hide the notes around the house, car, or anywhere. They’ll find a couple, but if you really hid the notes then it’ll be days until they find the others. Once they find the others days later, mission accomplished. 🙂




Click on the link for more beauties like this one: (I promise it’s not a spam)

The key to anyone’s heart is food!!! What better way to end the night than with homemade meal. Restaurants and overpriced food? Why bother when you can whip up a dish just as good maybe even better with a homemade touch. The time it took to make the food will all be worth it when you see their reaction. Food is good for the soul.


With technology and the invention of social messaging, it’s easy to forget originality. You can make a card for that someone who you care about OR you can snail mail it. I’ve always enjoyed receiving mail through a mailbox (still waiting). No other form of mail can beat that. Surprise someone with mail, and it’ll be the one mail that they will want to read and most likely cherish it.

Be spontaneous and put your heart and passion into your gift. Show me what you got 🙂


Tuesday Ten

  1. “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

steve-jobs2Founder of Apple (more…)

Tip of the Day Tuesday

Put your daily to-do list on a Post-It.


If your to-do list does not fit on a Post-It, then you are most likely not able to fit them in your day. By doing this, you will get more done and learn how to prioritize sufficiently. For example Oedipus’s wife, Iocaste, has an organized personality where she  knows what her top priorities (family) are and lives by them. Organization is key!

-Angie 🙂

Two Souls Tuesday

Now i know what you’re thinking. “Oh my God a post about a video game?? What What???(he’s a loser)?????? Well first of all if you haven’t played a good video game then i’m not sure what’s wrong with you but there are some amazing games out there that will force you to grab a tissue box. Such as the one i’m going to talk about right now!

Ellen page

Beyond Two Souls, the PS3 exclusive game is about a young women’s life who is born with this entity attached to her. For those who don’t know, an entity is like a spirit, and this one’s name is Aiden. Aiden has been with Jodie since she was an infant. She doesn’t understand why Aiden is with her or how Aiden even works, but she knows she can’t get rid of him and it makes her life just that much more complicated. Throughout the game you jump from when Jodie was about 7 to when she’s about mid 20’s and you go back and forth throughout the game. Now one amazing part of this game is the fact Ellen page “plays” the main character of this game. This hasn’t been done before, it isn’t normal to see famous actors voicing let alone playing the part of a video game character. In order to do this, she had to wear a full body motion suit, from head to toe, and make every movement and facial expression possible, after that its thousands of lines of voice acting, some (a lot) of computer help, and you’ve just starred in a video game. Like i said this was pretty revolutionary so the fact Ellen even said yes to this was a shock to some, but once it was all done she said in an interview, “i recommend this to anyone who gets lucky enough to be a part in the video game industry.”


But Sebastian, what does this have to do with anything!!!!??? Well now children calm down i’m getting there. In this game you get to make decisions, anything from should i sit in the front seat or back seat to should i kill this person or not. Throughout the game though, these decisions affect how other parts of the game will play out. One example of this is when your playing Jodie when she was about 17, in the game she’s lived in this medical building for about ten years and she’s not allowed to go out much, if at all. In this part she wants to go out to a bar to meet some friends she met online, deciding to sneak out was a bad idea because you find out your by yourself with about 3 men there who don’t have any good intentions. Because of this decision, when you play age 20 Jodie, Aiden protects you from your boyfriend when he tries to get close to you by forcing those scary memories back into your head. Now another part of this is how something bad at the time may save your life later, such as letting someone live or taking their life. Things like this are the reason i find this game so fascinating and something you can play more than once since it’ll be a whole new experience for you each time.   In life you learn decisions aren’t always easy, and sometimes making the wrong ones can hurt you really bad, other times they may end up being the best thing ever, but no matter what you have to be sure with what you do.


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