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Its a me! Monday.

And with another week gone, a new one comes with all the fun and drama that comes with it. Being a teenager has its moments but in reality it isn’t the most fun time in life. But hey! I still have so many years ahead of me, not to say I should slack off or wait ’till then to get something accomplished or have something to call mine, but it really is a nice reminder that today is just another Monday, in another week, that will be followed by many more. For now though, school, family, friends, and music are pretty much the only things on my mind. School takes up most of my time (unfortunately), but at least its a great excuse to go and see my friends and maybe even learn something, like how to blog. I really need to learn how to do that…..

But even with all this homework I get everyday, for some reason I always find myself on Netflix, or more usually, listening to my spotify playlist. For those who don’t know, Spotify is a music streaming service that let’s you pick the music you want to listen to, recommends more music, and allows you to follow your friends and see the music they’re listening too. I find myself laying down, a mild headache coming on from the days drama, and just listening, letting all of it wash away with each lyric. I’m not sure where i’d be without it. Ariana Grande’s new album Your’s Truly has been on replay, its really relatable even though i’ve always been single(poor me). To anyone reading this, find that one artist, album, or even that one song, that just screams you, close your eyes, and enter that bubble every once in a while to keep yourself going when you need it.

Music definitely soothes me, but my friends (when they aren’t being rude) do the trick ten times better. Always be there for friends, always. When you need someone they’ll come and help you and its amazing how close people can become from a bad thing. Of course, the good experiences you share are probably more fun, so i’m telling you right now, go make a plan with your best friend and watch a new movie coming out, go to Disneyland, GO to the park for God’s sake do something!!! Show you appreciate them and make the most out of today, because tomorrow’s a new day, and you never know what’s coming. And don’t be Spongebob, start now :D!!




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