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Movie Monday (Gravity)


(If you don’t want to read this before you watch the movie, just know you need to see this in 3D and in IMAX and the biggest screen you can find. )

I really don’t think people understand how amazing this movie is.

On sunday, 10/6, i went to see the new movie Gravity. Now i had the fortunate opportunity to see it in IMAX 3D XD which basically meant it was the biggest theater and it had the best quality of all other screens in that theater. Before seeing the movie i had only known that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were the main stars of the movie, and since Sandra Bullock is my number one favorite actress of all time, i knew i had to go and see it.  The basis of the movie is a Dr. Stone, played by Sandra, was a new astronaut sent into space to do some research with a few other people who had more training than her, making her the new, more frightened “puppy” of the group. As the movie continues you find out the Russian’s had decided to blow up one of their own satellites, in the process it created a chain reaction that flew debris everywhere including right where the research was being done. Now the first ten minutes were quiet and peaceful talking about how really spectacular it was up there, the view, the sunrise, the stars, everything about space was truly beautiful. But as soon as you find out the debris is coming right for them, you are on the edge of your seat for the rest of the movie. Now its no big surprise they get hit, but it is truly amazing how they capture Dr. Stone spinning out of control, breathing heavily, having the camera from inside her helmet so you can see the panic in her eyes and see how fast she really is moving. Remember your in space, there is no gravity, no sound, nothing to hold onto, once your moving you don’t stop until you hit something else. As she finally catches her breath, the Captain of the group comes in contact with her through their radio, telling her to calm down since shes using all her oxygen and she needs to get a visual of either their space station, the sun, something for him to look at since he had a jet pack on. She slows her breathing and he rescues her and brings her back to their original location. The entire thing is just destroyed and everyone who was with them killed, they are the sole survivors of the group. I want to stop there because after that i literally was crying 75% of the time at just how amazing the movie and the acting was. I would see it again in a heartbeat.

Why is this movie so amazing though? Every part of the movie has you gasping and crying and you didn’t have a single moment to breath because not only did the you feel like you were in space, you felt like you were Dr. Stone herself. The visuals. I don’t know how many awards they give out for visual affects but this one is taking all of them. NO joke, this movie was made to please the eyes 100% of the time. Not only did it just look beautiful the camera shots were flawless. They had scenes where the camera was spinning and Dr. Stone was spinning and your just like how can i not throw up right now, but you don’t feel that way. You feel like how can this women come back from this much loss of control and how can she stop and look around and see what’s happening. You feel every emotion with the character. Not only that but there was never a point in the movie where your just like “oh green screen.” Never. As soon as your in, you in. For the entire movie.

Now this movie not only left me with wanting to stand up and applaud, but with a smile on my face leaving the theater telling everyone about it. I wasn’t even embarrassed that i was the only one in my family crying, that’s just how much it moved me. Not only that, but it left everyone with the great message of fighting for not only what you believe in, but for yourself. To find that inner power that only comes in times of trouble, that without wouldn’t make the human race what it is. I recommend this movie to anyone who doesn’t get super dizzy super fast, and can handle a bit of suspense. Maybe you won’t like it if you don’t have a soul? Or human struggles? Maybe? But seriously everyone needs to go watch the movie, and watch it in 3D, because for once it actually serves a purpose.  Here’s the trailer for the best movie of 2013~

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