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Tuesday Tip

We all know what’s coming up this week and for those of you who don’t….you’re in trouble! It’s the most lovable day of the year: hearts are overly used(<333), PDA is on every corner (get a room), and all the chocolate sold out. Even if you don’t have a significant other, Valentine’s day applies to you also. That’s right, don’t even think about pressing that red x on the upper hand corner. As dreadful as the day may seem to you, it’s another day of appreciation for those that you care most about. Your best friend, your siblings, parents, aunt, grandpa and grandma, they deserve all the love! So really, it’s a day that anyone can take part in. ❤ To make a really good Valentine’s day gift is not the price, location, or even the gift itself. The element of surprise is key for giving gifts. Even if you hate surprises, it’s so much better than being predictable. Spontaneity is a plus!


No, that does not mean you have to throw a surprise party. Save that for birthdays or a greater occasion. Instead, think thoughtful. Something that is unique, clearly comes from you, and is something the other person would like.

love notes jar

I’m sure you guys are familiar with the idea of filling a mason jar with love notes. To add a scavenging twist, you can hide the notes around the house, car, or anywhere. They’ll find a couple, but if you really hid the notes then it’ll be days until they find the others. Once they find the others days later, mission accomplished. 🙂




Click on the link for more beauties like this one: (I promise it’s not a spam)

The key to anyone’s heart is food!!! What better way to end the night than with homemade meal. Restaurants and overpriced food? Why bother when you can whip up a dish just as good maybe even better with a homemade touch. The time it took to make the food will all be worth it when you see their reaction. Food is good for the soul.


With technology and the invention of social messaging, it’s easy to forget originality. You can make a card for that someone who you care about OR you can snail mail it. I’ve always enjoyed receiving mail through a mailbox (still waiting). No other form of mail can beat that. Surprise someone with mail, and it’ll be the one mail that they will want to read and most likely cherish it.

Be spontaneous and put your heart and passion into your gift. Show me what you got 🙂


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