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(yes i totally stole the title from Grace Helbig)

So in my English class at school, we just started reading The Count of Monte Christo, and wow there are some characters in there.

The whole book is basically based around this guy, Edmond Dantes, and how he gets a new position as caption of a ship and is getting married soon to this women who a lot of other people seem to love. Basically everyone who is jealous of his new job and wife decides to plot against him and try to get him thrown in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Really rude right? Well, i personally, am very excited to read and find out how everything plays out.

But the book has really made me think about this whole issue of jealousy. Especially in high school, everyone gets jealous about everything. Clothes, cars, shoes, grades, boyfriends, girlfriends, everything! People even get jealous if someone gets a piece of gum and they don’t. Why!? I mean really if you look back at what you have, why not spend your energy being grateful for what you have instead of wishing you had more. Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into one of “those” rants, and i know its human nature to want more, but the next time you catch yourself wanting more, say what can you give?


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