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Social Networking


You have over 10k followers? You’re hired! If your name is out there and you have an audience, money and fame is coming your way. I mean, isn’t that how Kim Kardashian became who she is today? Remind me what she does for a living…Sure, you may have the talents, the charismatic personality, the brains, but what jobs are really looking for is the number of followers you have. That’s where advertisement comes in handy, and that’s how companies gain their recognition. I guess popularity contests do hold some truth to them after all. If you look at world’s youngest billionaires under 40 years old, a handful of them are founders of today’s social networking sites: Facebook (Mark Zuckerburg) , Gree (Yoshikazu Tanaka), Twitter (Jack Dorsey), Snapchat (Evan Spiegal and Robert Murphy). That just comes to show how big of a role social networking plays in our generation. These days, technology revolves around interaction, communication, and accessibility. So it’s important to know the significance of networking and how to apply that to future jobs. This is especially for all of you introverts out there. (more…)

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