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Word of Advice

“A moment on the lips; a life time on the hips”



Shhh, don’t tell mom.

The word “diet” is often misused whether it’s cutting the number of meals you have in day or getting rid of your indulgences ENTIRELY. It’s inhumane and it ruins the purpose of food. Food not only provides energy but should be eaten in enjoyment. Life becomes a little more bearable when the food you eat makes you content. It’s only contentment if food lives up to its name: comfort food, indulgences, desserts.

  1. Trade in the old for the new. Here’s where math comes in handy. That chocolate molten fudge you’re craving? Substitute it for a  hot chocolate banana-nut oatmeal instead, chocolate heaven with a crunch of a nut topped with a hint of banana. Breakfast just got better:  Eventually with repetition and time, the cravings will lessen and you’ll be hooked onto new foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grains) with your changed palate.
  2. Work out to pig out. Turn those carbs into abs. Those ab workouts, lunges, crunches, cherry pickers, planks, squats….for the price of eating whatever you want, how ever much you want? Uhhh yes! Studies also show that there’s a release of endorphins after working out. Happiness+ food= satisfaction.
  3. Eat more meals. Three meals a day…how about five? Instead of splitting up your meal plan into three big meals, split it into more meals but with less food on your plate. Doing this, you increase your metabolism by allowing your body to digest more meals at a time. It’s amazing what your body can do.

The next time you’re craving, debate it with the tips and tricks above before making the final decision. Enjoy yourself!!


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