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Friendly Friday

Friends are everything.

I truly believe that friends are so essential to life and living as a human, that without the ability to make friends, we would all just not function. Some friends are fake, and i know that and they know that, and yet for some reason we want to stay with them? Maybe its just to feel like someone is there for you, or like you aren’t alone, but the fact is you can’t stay with them because its not a friendship, its a lie. Lately i myself have been reevaluating the friends i have in my life and wondering if they truly love me for who i am. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but i think it’s really helping.  So i thought, why not give shutouts to those true friends today :)!

Kimberly ~

You have been my super smart friend that is always pushing me to do more than i think i’m able to do, and you help me every step of the way. You listen to all my stupid comments about pretty much everything and even though you’re like deaf out of one ear, you’re a better listener than half the people i know. You’re going to be an even more amazing person. SHOUTOUT to your innovation project! RECYCLE YOU GUYS ITS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! LOOK FOR THOSE BOXES <3333


OMggggg sista sista. You are honestly the sister i wish i had (is that bad). I don’t know why people thing we are actually related, maybe because of the way we act with each other but you always abuse me and its really rude and you should actually stop. When you’re not physically abusing me (or mentally), you’re actually a really sweet person who i know is always looking out for me. I fear for the person who crosses me because you will beat them up 10x more than me. I think i was your first guy friend since you moved here and you are my oldest friend, so i guess that’s a good sign right 🙂 ❤ HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY

Michelle (the other one)

The amount of inside jokes we have is kind of scary, like we can communicate with just hand motions and i think that’s pretty special. We have been in a total of 2 classes together, and that’s the most i’ve been with any of my friends SO CONGRATS YAY!!!! Thank you, honestly, for being there for those really low points of my life and being a shoulder to lean on, unconditionally loving me , i think you have made me cry from laughter more than anyone else i know, and lake Sebastian thanks you for its water supply. (might go blind). I love you <333

I’m really bad at this so i think i’ll stop there before i embarrass more people. Thanks for reading these sappy things, and go enjoy the company of your friends!

-Sebastian FIRNDS

A Friday of Fever

Now when it comes to Valentines Day a lot of people  have different opinions on it.

Some cringe at the sound of it, whether it’s because they know it is yet another year alone, or a reminder they need to go get something for that special someone.

Some people smile at the sound of it, they know the day is coming where they get to be appreciated for being themselves, and that is always an awesome thing.

I, on the other hand, have a different view on the whole “Valentine’s Day Fever.” Valentines Day, sometimes unfortunately, most of the time luckily, is my birthday. Now some people don’t exactly know how that works, it’s really simple actually! My mom gave birth to me on Valentine’s Day, that’s it, that’s how that works. Anyways, it really is an awesome thing to be born on a holiday, especially one that’s not completely official. My mom always says, “if he’s not going to be with someone he loves, he’s with us.” Which is totally true. And not only for me but for you too! Valentine’s Day is a time for you to appreciate those you love and who love you back, including all the things you do.


If you insist on believing you are forever alone this holiday, then maybe this video will help you get through those long 24 hours.

Now no matter how you spend the day, just know that life works in mysterious ways and you never know what might come up 🙂

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