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Spirited Sunday

Compared to last year, there has been a downfall in Christmas spirit. It shouldn’t be like this; christmas spirit should only grow and grow each and every year. The holidays are not holidays without the festivities, spirit, good vibes…there’s a reason why people look forward to the holidays the most. Well, I know how competitive people can get so take a look at people who have MORE spirit than you: 







It’s never too late to have Christmas spirit. Go out there and prove to others that you have more Christmas spirit than they do. 🙂 


Friday Favorites

December is already here and I can already feel the festivities of the month. As the days pass by I grow with anticipation! The christmas lights, chilly days, decorations, all leads up to my favorite holiday, Christmas.

Favorite Christmas movie of all-time:


The movie never gets old!

2. Favorite room decor: tumblr_mxf6xrNwJB1sjlv75o1_500

Favorite improvised christmas tree: 


Favorite Feels: 


Favorite look-alike: 


Favorite meme: 


Favorite pancake: 


Bring out your inner Elf and celebrate this month with Christmas joy and spirit. It’s the last month of the year so make it the best one! 🙂


Friday Favorites

With all of the candy and fun filled costumes, the end of the week is here! The weekend is just what I need to recover from my sugar crash. I hope you all had your fill of festivities. Here are my favorites for the day:

Favorite halloween candy:REESE'S CUPS

Favorite coffee design:


Favorite art: 

Exploded flowers by Fong Qi Wei 




Favorite finger food: 


Favorite motivational quote: 

“We rejoice in our suffering knowing that suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope and hope does not disappoint us.” -Romans 5:3-5

Favorite GIF: 

May you all have a wonderful weekend and catch up on your sleep!
-Angie 🙂

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