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A Friday of Fever

Now when it comes to Valentines Day a lot of people  have different opinions on it.

Some cringe at the sound of it, whether it’s because they know it is yet another year alone, or a reminder they need to go get something for that special someone.

Some people smile at the sound of it, they know the day is coming where they get to be appreciated for being themselves, and that is always an awesome thing.

I, on the other hand, have a different view on the whole “Valentine’s Day Fever.” Valentines Day, sometimes unfortunately, most of the time luckily, is my birthday. Now some people don’t exactly know how that works, it’s really simple actually! My mom gave birth to me on Valentine’s Day, that’s it, that’s how that works. Anyways, it really is an awesome thing to be born on a holiday, especially one that’s not completely official. My mom always says, “if he’s not going to be with someone he loves, he’s with us.” Which is totally true. And not only for me but for you too! Valentine’s Day is a time for you to appreciate those you love and who love you back, including all the things you do.


If you insist on believing you are forever alone this holiday, then maybe this video will help you get through those long 24 hours.

Now no matter how you spend the day, just know that life works in mysterious ways and you never know what might come up 🙂

Tip of the day Tuesday


What better way to spend the holidays than to travel and explore what the rest of the world has to offer? You can travel to where the French Revolution took place ( France), dig in further into our country’s government and how it came to be (Washington D.C.), pick up a British accent ( Great Britain), the possibilities are endless! Here’s a tip to all of the potential travelers this holiday: 

When you need to take a cab in a foreign country ask a local (e.g., the hotel desk clerk or concierge) to write down the destination address in the local language.


Save yourself and the cab driver the trouble. You will get a lot more done throughout your trip without the unnecessary confusion. It’s one less thing to worry about it. Go out there and treat yourself to an experience that only comes up every so often. Take advantage of the holidays and travel! 🙂 


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