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Summer Saturday

Yes Its Frozen again.

Because there is nothing better than Frozen.

And if you thought that was a joke then its a good thing because today’s topic is comedy!
Throughout literature you see all these comical things put here and there to lighten the mood, and usually there is that one character that is put in the story just for laughs. Comedy has many different forms, and in the video above you get the so my favorite form of it, irony.

Irony and sarcasm are both great tools for comedy. Irony is when we know something that the character doesn’t or when something happens that is the opposite of what is expected, such as a snowman wanting to find out what summer is like! Sarcasm is something that i personally am amazing at (no sarcasm there) and it basically means saying something and meaning the opposite. These tools and many others are what make comedy such a great thing and using them to their full potential will make people cry in laughter. Hopefully Olaf here can help with that!

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