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Mellow Monday.

As soon as i opened my eyes i knew i was sick. As if it weren’t bad enough it was Monday, i was sick.  Would my parents, both working in the medical field, force me to go to school? They usually did, unless i had a fever or was visibly sick. In the 10 minutes it took to get dressed and make my way to the kitchen, i already felt worse. Headache, body aches, and a I could barely swallow my own saliva. Being sick is gross and if i didn’t look bad enough one quick look in the mirror assured me i wasn’t going to school. Of course nobody really cared, but hey missing a day of the week I’ll take Monday.


So a day off, it has its good and bad points.  It can be a very productive day if i decide to tough through the pain and try to get things done, such as this very blog. But i soon realized looking at the computer screen made my head throb like it was being hit repeatedly. I guess its just a lazy day for me.

I fall asleep, thinking its for 5 minutes, and waking up to find out I’ve been asleep for 5 hours. I don’t feel better, breaking into a cold sweat my mom hands me the thermometer to find out how sick i really am. 101.4 it reads. Nothing major but a good enough reason not to do anything. Realizing I’d be in math class right now, i remember all the make up homework I’m going to have to do. That’s the worst part about being missing something, not only do you miss the hands on experience, you have to do most of it on your own and you’re behind everyone else.

Now i get sick often, but with this cold i knew i couldn’t even walk around the house, let alone get things done. So what to do? I could play my Pokemon game and try to catch ’em all. 5 minutes in I’m almost blind. How do you overcome this feeling, I’ve just slept for an extra 5 hours, how am i supposed to sleep more. I stare at the ceiling wishing this sickness would go away. My body is supposed to be working extra hard, the extra heat from my fever makes reactions happen faster, getting rid of the virus in my body. But i feel so weak. Slowly i fall asleep again, another 2 hours of nothing go by. Realizing sleep actually does help, i can look at my computer screen, asking my friends what i missed during the day. Apparently almost every class had a fun day, my friends adding extra detail to rub it in my face. I roll my eyes and realize i have to eat something. Mom made rice and chicken. One bite and i can feel my throat burn. “I can’t eat” i say to her, making my way back to my room where I’ve been the entire day. I look at the clock, realizing its already 9. I’ts already time to sleep  and get ready for tomorrow. Under the covers i smile, I did absolutely nothing productive today. Now i want to sleep and actually do something with my life tomorrow.


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