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Mighty Monday

Today marks the day of spirit week, where each day you dress up according to the theme of that day. As you might have guessed, today was “Mighty Monday”. You dress up as your favorite superhero or as your very own version of a superhero.


To those who dressed up, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of confidence they had. Even for those who had the most bizarre, funny, ridiculous, superhero costume; they stood out among the crowd with the energy they had. It’s funny because I never really thought of a costume having much value. Yeah, I enjoyed dressing up and showing my costume off but I always thought to myself, “What’s the point?” Today made me realize how powerful a costume really is.


I know a friend who barely speaks a word a day. Don’t get me wrong; she’s a complete sweetheart and will win your heart over once you got to know her. However, her shyness masks her admiring qualities and she’s not taken to notice. Until today, she would never dress up on spirit days. Like me, she never really saw any point in it. The reaction I had when I saw her in her costume would resemble the reaction of the people when they saw Cinderella gracefully walking down the spiral staircase in her drop-dead gorgeous gown- mouth gaping madness. Her costume was so clever and was also just the cutest superhero costume by far. Instead of a mask, she hand-painted her mask and was meticulous to get every detail right and expanded on it by adding in her own details. She outlined the mask with gold tinted paint and made an ombre effect going from left to right. It was absolutely amazing! As for the cape, she simply made it from a T-shirt that her father didn’t wear anymore and was far too big for her:

She got every detail right, and even went far and beyond the norm. People took notice and some even went up to her and complimented on her artfully crafted costume personally. As more and more people came up to her, she stepped out of comfort zone one step at a time. Soon, a thank you would turn into a continuous conversation. Never in the few years I knew her have I seen her so happy and comfortable talking to people. That very day she succeeded in conquering her own weakness and joined the best superhero organization out there: P.L.N. ( Personal Learning   Network) Read my teacher’s blog for more information on how to join the P.L.N. :

The moral of the story is…to dress up on spirit days. Just kidding! When you are as shy as my dear friend, you can easily lose sight of yourself and your fears involving social contact are  greatly increased as the end of the year comes near. You begin to blame yourself and become convinced that being you will never cut out in the real world. It takes a hidden identity to mask your fear and reveal to others who you truly are. Instead of waiting for a spirit day to come, make your own hidden identity. This is where make-believe comes in handy. Let your imagination run wild; pretend you’re wearing a mask, pretend that the people you see aren’t really people but imaginary friends, pretend to be your favorite actor/singer and think of how they would act in that very moment.  Don’t wait for the “perfect moment”; make your own moments and be in charge for the future events in your life…Boy, I really wish I had dress up today.


– Angie 🙂

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