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Well-rested Wednesday

Nowadays it seems like no one gets enough of sleep. We’re staying up late doing last-minute homework or our mind is roaming around to different thoughts, making it difficult to sleep. Much similar to Oedipus at Colonus, he continues to roam around the land despite how weary and tired he is.  Getting enough of sleep traces back to time management. Let’s face it, right when we get home we go straight to the coach to turn on the TV and watch a myriad amount of shows, or we go straight to our room to what was supposed to be a five-minute nap turned into 2-3 hours. After spending hours at school, the last thing we want to do is to sit down and finish our homework for the day. Each day is like an uphill battle, it only gets more difficult and frustrating as we near our way to the top.


Here are some tips for sleeping earlier and getting a goodnight’s rest:

1. Allow your body to digest. Avoid eating two hours within your bed time. It takes a lot of energy for your body to digest your food and will make it difficult to sleep.

2. Fight food-coma lounging. Instead of getting yourself comfortable on the couch after eating a big meal, get off the couch and get your mind distracted: getting your clothes ready for the next day, taking a shower, or finishing your chores.

3. Read a book. This is where your textbooks come in handy. An informative book will loosen the grip on your book and will help your eyelids get heavy. Before you know it, you’ll be asleep before getting to the end of the page. If you are reading a page turner, make it your day-time read.

4. Wake up earlier. By the end of a long day, you will tire out and it’ll be easier to sleep early. Get in the habit of waking up early so that you can sleep at a reasonable time.

5. Do not procrastinate. Yes, it’s easier said than done; but by doing so, you won’t believe the amount of extra time you’ll have left. Imagine all the wee bit hours you spend social networking, when you can be using that time to do your homework. By using your time wisely, you will be finished with your homework and be left with extra time you never knew you had. More time and more sleep?! Yes please!

6. Turn it off. You may think that by surfing the web and browsing through your phone will allow you to fall asleep faster…*buzzer* wrong! The bright light emitted from your phone/computer stimulates the mind, therefore, makes it harder to fall asleep. An hour before your bedtime, get rid of all electronics and let your mind, body, and soul take over.

7. Lights off. Minimal lighting is ideal for a bedroom setting. Let out your nocturnal self and get rid of as much light as possible-closing the curtains, stuffing towels under the door, and turning off any blinking electronics that happen to be in the room. You’ll be enveloped by darkness and soon enough, you’ll be out.

8. Tranquility is key. Stress and anxiety are factors that can make it difficult to sleep. Drink a cup of decaf tea and allow the tea to erase the stress and anxiety that you may have. In a state of tranquility, going to sleep is more enjoyable and is easier to fall asleep.

9. Sleep cycle. Create your own sleeping schedule by sleeping at a certain time and waking up at a certain time. Your body grows accustomed to repetition. If you sleep late and have trouble sleeping early, sleep 30 minutes earlier and wake up 30 minutes earlier and continue subtracting 30 minutes each day until you have your designated times.

10. Wrinkle free. Double up on your pillows and sleep on your back. By sleeping on your side, you apply pressure on your face in an upward force, creating wrinkles. Also, sleeping on your back allows even blood circulation, which means…puffiness no more! You’ll see a decrease of puffiness in your eyes and the bags under your eyes are less visible. The benefits you can achieve from one simple switch…what a steal.

By following these tips, I hope you all get enough sleep and have a wonderful night’s rest! With enough sleep, you will be more energized and feel more youthful. All of this talk about sleep makes me want to…Zzz


– Angie 🙂

Mellow Monday.

As soon as i opened my eyes i knew i was sick. As if it weren’t bad enough it was Monday, i was sick.  Would my parents, both working in the medical field, force me to go to school? They usually did, unless i had a fever or was visibly sick. In the 10 minutes it took to get dressed and make my way to the kitchen, i already felt worse. Headache, body aches, and a I could barely swallow my own saliva. Being sick is gross and if i didn’t look bad enough one quick look in the mirror assured me i wasn’t going to school. Of course nobody really cared, but hey missing a day of the week I’ll take Monday.


So a day off, it has its good and bad points.  It can be a very productive day if i decide to tough through the pain and try to get things done, such as this very blog. But i soon realized looking at the computer screen made my head throb like it was being hit repeatedly. I guess its just a lazy day for me.

I fall asleep, thinking its for 5 minutes, and waking up to find out I’ve been asleep for 5 hours. I don’t feel better, breaking into a cold sweat my mom hands me the thermometer to find out how sick i really am. 101.4 it reads. Nothing major but a good enough reason not to do anything. Realizing I’d be in math class right now, i remember all the make up homework I’m going to have to do. That’s the worst part about being missing something, not only do you miss the hands on experience, you have to do most of it on your own and you’re behind everyone else.

Now i get sick often, but with this cold i knew i couldn’t even walk around the house, let alone get things done. So what to do? I could play my Pokemon game and try to catch ’em all. 5 minutes in I’m almost blind. How do you overcome this feeling, I’ve just slept for an extra 5 hours, how am i supposed to sleep more. I stare at the ceiling wishing this sickness would go away. My body is supposed to be working extra hard, the extra heat from my fever makes reactions happen faster, getting rid of the virus in my body. But i feel so weak. Slowly i fall asleep again, another 2 hours of nothing go by. Realizing sleep actually does help, i can look at my computer screen, asking my friends what i missed during the day. Apparently almost every class had a fun day, my friends adding extra detail to rub it in my face. I roll my eyes and realize i have to eat something. Mom made rice and chicken. One bite and i can feel my throat burn. “I can’t eat” i say to her, making my way back to my room where I’ve been the entire day. I look at the clock, realizing its already 9. I’ts already time to sleep  and get ready for tomorrow. Under the covers i smile, I did absolutely nothing productive today. Now i want to sleep and actually do something with my life tomorrow.


Me Monday

Wake up, go to school, cross country practice, and sleep. My life practically revolves around those very things. (more…)

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