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Trust Tuesday

Everyone, at some point in their lives, have been hurt by someone they trust.

Now when this happens the usually response is either, “why would you do that?” Or “naw its cool man.” Polar opposites i know. I’m more of the first one, but i do seem to put myself out there more so i should be ready for more hurt than not. When someone breaks your trust it can be a really hard thing to deal with, and even harder thing to trust again. On the other hand when you break someone’s trust you usually just say “I’m sorry it won’t happen again.” but they always have a way of bringing it up when you want something. When making fiends, one of the key moments in the friendship is when you realize you can trust them, and you get that weird smile on your face because now you can say that one secret you’ve been dying to tell since you heard it.

Anyways, when trust is broken that’s a horrible thing, whether its you saying you’re going somewhere to your parents and you end up going to a different place, or its cheating on a test, you can’t just expect people to go from 0 to 100 the next time you do the same thing. So when you say you’re going to Jimmy’s house for real real this time, your parents might not let you go, and you have to accept that. Same goes for when your trust is broken. That person is no longer on the top of your list, and you’re not running to tell them all your secrets, but after time you learn to trust again and realize everyone makes mistakes. Image


Tip of the day Tuesday


What better way to spend the holidays than to travel and explore what the rest of the world has to offer? You can travel to where the French Revolution took place ( France), dig in further into our country’s government and how it came to be (Washington D.C.), pick up a British accent ( Great Britain), the possibilities are endless! Here’s a tip to all of the potential travelers this holiday: 

When you need to take a cab in a foreign country ask a local (e.g., the hotel desk clerk or concierge) to write down the destination address in the local language.


Save yourself and the cab driver the trouble. You will get a lot more done throughout your trip without the unnecessary confusion. It’s one less thing to worry about it. Go out there and treat yourself to an experience that only comes up every so often. Take advantage of the holidays and travel! 🙂 


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