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Where did you go?

MountRedoubtEruptionI was so used to having you around in my life all the time and now you’re no where  to be seen. Life seemed content; I had no worries. My only worry for the day would be, “What’s for dinner?” Now, I rarely see you come home anymore and when I do you’re usually with someone else. All of this for one job? Is it really worth it? We have food on the table, financially stable, and most importantly, we had a family. Now, there’s always someone else living in our house and when that person is gone a new one comes along. I never really understood why that was and I don’t think I ever will. Home should be viewed as “Home sweet home”; it shouldn’t be an unbearable place. It should be one’s sanctuary; a place of privacy. The house was already crowded enough as it is with two families; an extra person really does make a difference. Especially if that person is constantly complaining and making salty, oily food that is better left uneaten. It was just fine the way it was before. If it’s because you’re lonely, you have your kids to turn to. Now I only see you for a brief moment in the morning. After that, I don’t know when you come home because by then, I’m usually asleep. I wouldn’t mind as much if I wasn’t an only child, but with a younger sibling there’s bound to be some damage. You’re so oblivious to what’s going on and it leaves everlasting scars that I want so badly to heal. You wouldn’t hesitate to fix a friend’s drama that can be fixed by his/her own but when it comes to own children, you wouldn’t even turn your attention towards it. Even worse, you’re well aware of the problems at hand. You have to stop pointing fingers at us and be willing to address the issue and work it out. When we’re arguing, you can’t just veer off the subject when you realize that I do have a point. You have to reflect on the issue and do something about it. I know my younger sibling is not the trouble maker that you think she is. She’s only like that because she has no guidance to keep her in line. I know, it should be my duty to watch after her, but I can only do so much with conflicting schedules. I’m trying so hard, but I don’t even know if my efforts can save us. Where did you go?


Sat. stands for S.A.T.

Do you ever wonder how they made up the name S.A.T.? They took one of the most beloved weekends and instead of Saturday, renamed it “S.A.T.” It’s a cruel, cruel world. My mom decided to hold it true to its name and had me taking S.A.T. classes every Saturday. As if my weekends couldn’t get any better. Maintaining a G.P.A, extracurricular activities, AP tests, isn’t that enough? No, colleges want MORE. They never settle for less and always try to add to the pile to see if their students are fit for their school.

What I should be doing: photo-1

But instead: 

photoGotta love the weekends!



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