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Short Story Saturday


My idea and thoughts take on the form of words on a paper. As I bring down my pencil, more words appear and new sentences are formed. Mistakes are made, erase marks are made. For I’m a deal at a quick mistake, and when I make one it takes the form of Lead. My pencil takes control, writing down words without my consent. My mind runs mindlessly as words begin to fill up line by line. My eraser is down to the nub and the dulled tip of my pencil has left me with only a few words to spare.

In exactly one hundred words, you can create a short story. A beginning, middle, and end, all in one hundred words. “Quality over quantity.” You hear it all the time, but you never take it accounted for. When writing an essay for english, your mindset goes to filling up those lines with words. Whatever it takes it fill up those lines…You add words here and there. You begin to babble about a topic entirely different from the one you’re supposed to be writing about. You incorporate vocabulary words in your paper that you don’t even know the meaning to. It’s a bad habit that you’re not willing to break. You’re so hooked on standing out from your peers that endless pages of words that go together like two mismatched puzzle pieces, seems to be the only solution. Break your bad habit. Begin to write from your heart and soul. Write what you feel and voice your opinion along with it while you are writing. Don’t fall into quantity…but quality. No one does you better than you do.

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