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Books Books and more Books

Books are wonderful amazing magical things that let you travel to places that you yourself could never dream of. Whether the book is fiction or non-fiction, a series or a single seller, or required for school, you always get something out of reading a book.  Sometimes when you start out reading a book, it’s really slow and you just wanna throw it at a wall, but if you just get through those first couple of pages, you get to that part where you really connect with the book and a certain character, and then you just can’t put the book down! Sometimes books even become movies, fans are everything now a days!

Here are some famous books and books i have read or seen on the screen!


Probably the most famous book of my generation, twilight. This book has sold MILLIONS, and when it became a movie, the fame just flew through the charts. If you lived under a rock and didn’t hear about it, its about this girl who discovers the love of her life is a vampire and although that sounds pretty cool it comes with a lot of problems. There’s also some werewolves and like evil vampires and they go to Rome or something, there’s like 12 books just watch the movies and you’ll be fine. But this book is the definition of how movies helped the book industry boom, definitely check out both.

kkNow this is an example of a book that you get to read for school. At first you’re all like i mean ehhhhhh, then you get to that one part of the book and you’re like ohhhhhh my goodness but he’s my fav character. That or you read in sparknotes and you’re like what what? and then read it anyways. I wanted to use this as an example of how you can’t judge something by its cover. To me, any book or movie about war is boring and really just the same thing repeated, but as it turned out, i got really connectd to some of the characters and i really did feel for them when certain events in the book occurred. No spoilers here!!!! Just read 🙂

asdfasdfNow this is the third type of book you know and love. That book that you always hear about, always see your friends reading, always end up forgetting about it until it becomes a movie, and yet NEVER READ IT! Why not!? I know i’m completely guilty when it comes to this, i always say i’ll pick it up some time soon, and never do. I always got my own agenda to finish, which is not great since you don’t always have people you can share your feeling with about the book. I guess you can just no one will know what’s happening and you’ll be that one kid who won’t stop talking. But hey at least they’re making a movie so you can pretend you read it for now :)!

Hope these showed off some different kinds of books and maybe even helped you chose your next book to read. It’s a crazy world books take you to, and you just have to try it.


My Innovation Project

As you have seen hopefully seen while reading through this wonderful blog, is a few videos featuring me in them!

Well this is my innovation project! Basically a project where i get to create something and hopefully help people along the way.

For me i chose to make a youtube channel staring yours truly, and on the channel i will be making mostly vlogs and doing challenges and tags. this is my channel and it be much appreciated if you clinked that darn link and gave it a look!

But seriously check it out. Here are some videos i’ve made along the way!


Now making a youtube account is easy, finding the ideas and the time to edit everything is not. But I really do encourage anyone to make a channel of their own because it is so much fun and so exciting to see that people are actually watching your videos!

I would love love love loveeeee if you told me what videos i should do next! Challenges, Tags, Anything!!

Thanks so much



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